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This Korean Manhwa is bang on with some exciting plot twists and engaging story elements. Scroll and read the complete piece to know the exact release date of Eleceed chapter 213 along with raw scans, synopsis, spoilers, and much more. Fans are desperately waiting for each chapter with even more enthusiasm than before. 

With powerful magical elements, action-filled fighting sequences, fascinating, and high-quality visuals- Eleceed is a perfect pick for you if all these attributes interest you. Every chapter of the series has flesh and meat and gives its fans — fodder for discussions. Let’s get into the narrative.


The name of the manhwa is taken from two terms- Electricity and speed. This makes it even more interesting as one of the characters possesses the skill to control these. Seo-Jiwoo, our protagonist is a very good human being with his heart on his sleeve. He has cat’s reflexes even more quick than the light. He uses it for a good cause so that this world can become a better place to be in.

He is very fond of stray cats and rescues them whenever he finds one. Kayden, another main lead comes disguising himself as a cat. Together by taking the use of Kayden’s intelligence and Jiwoo’s lightning speed, they fight with the evil forces to save the world.

Eleceed Chapter 213 Release Date

Eleceed chapter 213

As of the latest, 210 chapters of this popular and highly talked about manhwa have been dropped for the readers. Fans cannot wait to read the next chapters as the suspense and thrill level is on another level. The confirmed release date of Eleceed chapter 213 is 28th September 2022, Wednesday. 

Also, we want to make it easy for you. By giving you the information that this manhwa series gets a new chapter every Wednesday. So mark your calendars and even if you forget it, we are here for every small update!

Raw Scans

Eleceed chapter 213

If you want some hints, previews, spoiler hints, and photos from the unreleased chapters, then wait for the raw scans of the upcoming chapter. Raw scans are all things mentioned above. They are snippets from your next update. This is the most effective way to spark some discussion about the manhwa and get it trending a few days before the chapter release.

The raw scans of Eleceed chapter 213 will start circulating 2-3 days before the original release of the chapter. The tentative dates would be around 25th-26th September 2022. The best platforms to get the most credible content and original content are- Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, and Tumblr. Do check their websites. 

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A Quick Recap And Spoiler

Eleceed chapter 213

In the last couple of chapters, we witness the betrayal of the professors of the World Awakeners academy towards their students. By conspiring with the frame, they betrayed their rookie students. Further, to save themselves- Jiwoo engages in a fight with Earthquake, not to win but to buy time for themselves to think of something. Defeating them is never their plan.

Moreover, they are convinced that the Top 100 can’t be defeated by rookie students like them. Whereas the ongoing combat between Earthquake and Jiwoo brings out some nail-biting revelations. Earthquake came to know that Jiwoo is faster than everybody else so his strength is his speed. Other students are bystanders and hardly doing anything. 

In newly released chapter 210, all the students redeemed themselves by doing phenomenal teamwork to attack the Top 100 world ranker. Frame was flabbergasted at how these rookies were able to pull an attack of such intensity. Frame is not gonna have it easy as the rookies are going to give a tough fight and their all.

The official spoilers are not available as of now. Wait for Eleceed chapter 213 for an even exciting update.

Where To Read?

You will be missing out on a lot if you don’t start reading this manhwa right now. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed. The upcoming Eleceed chapter 213 and all the released chapters till now can be found in the below sites. We recommend you read it legally from the reading platforms- Webtoon and TopManhua.

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