Eleceed Chapter 210 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, And English Manga Online

This Korean Manhwa is at the top of its game right now! Read the full piece to know Eleceed Chapter 210 Release Date, along with raw scans, basic plot, where to read, and the biggest of them all answer — why to read. Eleceed is one of the most widely loved and top-trending manhwa series and fans religiously wait for the next episodes that sweep them off their feet. 

The newly released chapters of the manhwa contain power-packed action scenes that have been an absolute chartbuster for the series! The creators are smart enough to end each chapter on a nail-biting cliffhanger which keeps the audience waiting for the next update. Let’s know the plot.


First things first, Manhwa is a Korean webcomic just like the term manga is for Japanese comics. Eleceed is illustrated by ZHENA and credit for writing goes to Son-Je-Ho. The plot revolves around a kind-hearted man Jiwoo who uses a cat’s reflexes similar and quick to that of lightning to make this world a better place to live in. He shields one little child or foster pet at a time. Stray cats are his weakness. He comes across Kaiden, who disguises himself as a cat. By using what they possess that is Jiwoo’s super speed and Kaiden’s intelligence. There, what awaits them are the evil forces whom they have to fight with to save the world. 

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Raw Scans 

Raw Scans must be made available to the fans around 3-4 days before the release date of the chapters. Hence, going by this, raw scans of Eleceed Chapter 210 will start circulating on dates 4th -5th September 2022. These are designed and made accessible to manga lovers in the form of photos, snippets from the upcoming chapters, digital print format etc. You will discover raw scans on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Read More About Eleceed

Eleceed chapter 210

If you have a strong liking for graphic fighting scenes, fierce female characters, and magnificent visuals with a tinge of eccentricity, then just go for it! As stated above, the characters can turn themselves into a cat as secret agent. This concept in itself draws attention and compels you to start reading and anticipate upcoming events. On top of that, this series is quite popular among manga lovers. 

One thing one should give credit to Eleceed makers is— high-quality illustrations. They are a chef’s kiss and we can’t stress more on that! Read more to get a quick recap of preceding chapters and a bonus spoiler of Eleceed chapter 210.

Eleceed Chapter 210 Release Date

Eleceed chapter 210

As of now, 208 chapters have been released of the manhwa series. The release date of Eleceed Chapter 210 is Wednesday,  7th September 2022. However, the date is tentative and may undergo some changes if a delay happens. It will be updated by us for sure. All the chapters are exciting and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. We would advise you to read previous chapters too for a better understanding of events taking place at World Awakeners Academy. 

A Quick Recap

Eleceed chapter 210

Eleceed Chapters 207 and 208 threw a huge bomb on the fans. Those evil faces were none other than Earthquake— members of Frame, an organization who are among the Top 50 worldwide. Earthquake declared a war against the students of Awakeners academy and started attacking them one by one. The biggest shock was when even the Vice Presidents and Professors were part of the grim conspiracy against the Rookie students. Now, their plan is to kill all the students and get rid off them so that the World Organization gets the message and will not send more rookies to disturb Frame. 

Whereas all the students are flabbergasted at the betrayal from their very own professor Andrea. They are certain that they can not fight them as their opponents are a part of the Top 100. In between all the mess, we see Seo-Jiwoo intervene and tried to fight with Earthquake so as not to defeat him but to buy some time to protect others. What will be the fate of the students? Will they be saved or die a deadly death at the hands of their professor?

Bonus Spoilers

There are no spoilers available as of now. It is also hard to even predict what will transpire in the future. One thing is certain, makers are going to sweep us off our feet with each update!

Where To Read?

You can read the upcoming Eleceed Chapter 210 and all the chapters released till now on Webtoon and TopManhua. Read it and know for yourself why this manhwa is so hyped!


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