Eleceed Chapter 209 Release Date, Raw Scans, Bonus Spoilers, And More

This Korean Manhwa always leaves us wanting more! Eleceed is becoming more and more dicey day by day and has kept manga lovers on the edge. Read the full article to know the release date of Eleceed chapter 209, along with raw scans, basic plot, where to read, and the biggest answer why to read.

The newly released chapters of this webtoon have been par excellence and exceeded the expectations of the readers. With every chapter ending on a cliffhanger, the makers have made sure to retain the interest of the fans. Let’s look at the plot.



First things first, Manhwa is a Korean webcomic just like the term manga is for Japanese comics. Eleceed is illustrated by ZHENA and credit for writing goes to Son-Je-Ho. The plot revolves around a kind-hearted man Jiwoo who uses a cat’s reflexes similar and quick to that of lightning to make this world a better place to live in. He shields one little child or foster pet at a time. Stray cats are his weakness. He comes across Kaiden, who disguises himself as a cat. By using what they possess that is Jiwoo’s super speed and Kaiden’s intelligence. There, what awaits them are the evil forces whom they have to fight with to save the world. 

Release Date of Eleceed Chapter 209

Eleceed chapter 209

As of now, 206 chapters have been released of this brilliant webtoon. Eleceed chapter 209 is confirmed to be released on all the reading platforms on 2nd September 2022. This manhwa contains top-notch fighting scenes that are sure eye-ball grabbing. We would suggest you read the previous chapters to fully grasp the politics and happenings of the World Awakeners Academy. 

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Raw Scans

The release date of raw scans is not fixed. However, they start circulating 3-4 days before the actual date of publishing of the chapter. Hence, raw scans for Eleceed chapter 209 will be available on 28-29 August 2022. Keep an eye on platforms like Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, Tumbler, and Wiki Fandoms.

Read More About Eleceed 

Eleceed chapter 209

This manhwa is one of those webtoons that one shouldn’t miss out on. If you have a strong penchant for graphic fighting scenes, fierce female characters, and magnificent visuals with a tinge of eccentricity, then just go for it! As stated above, the characters can turn themselves into a cat as a secret agent. This concept in itself draws attention and compels you to start reading and anticipate the upcoming events. Read more to get a quick recap of preceding chapters and a bonus spoiler of Eleceed chapter 209.

A Quick Recap

We will start with the recap of recently released chapter 206 as other chapters are yet to come. In the chapter, we saw the shocked audience at the academy who was not able to digest that the top rookies of the academy are being defeated one by one. The top ten best rookies of the academy were pushed back. With every lose, the reputation of the World Awakeners Academy was at stake. Continuing the fighting streak, Lia and Subin entered the arena. Both the fighters have their techniques and strengths which they will use at the right time. 

In an intense battle, Lia tried to block Subin through a barrier. Subin tried to free herself from it but then suddenly we see traces of three evil faces. Who are they? 


The upcoming chapters of Eleceed will pick up from the above plot and answer the most important questions brewing in the minds of the fans. There is also speculation whether Kaiden will come back in the later chapters or not. There are no concrete spoilers as of now. However, one thing is certain,  the next chapters will be full of suspense and thrill.

Where to Read Eleceed Chapter 209 ?

You can easily read the upcoming Eleceed Chapter 209 and all other chapters released till now on Webtoon and TopManhua

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