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Read to know about the latest release date and time of Eleceed Chapter 206. Scroll down to get the recap of the previous chapter, spoilers for the upcoming one, raw scans, and much more. Let’s get started!

Eleceed is one of the most highly anticipated Korean manhwas right now! It is getting trickier with every new chapter release. All those who haven’t started it already, what are you waiting for? Eleceed is a power package of action, thriller, fighting scenes, and more interesting elements that will make your jaw drop.


First things first, Manhwa is a Korean webcomic just like the term manga is for Japanese comics. Eleceed is illustrated by ZHENA and credit for writing goes to Son-Je-Ho. The plot revolves around a kind-hearted man Jiwoo who uses a cat’s reflexes similar and quick to that of lightning to make this world a better place to live in. He shields one little child or foster pet at a time. Stray cats are basically his weakness. He comes across Kaiden, who disguises himself as a cat. By using what they possess that is Jiwoo’s super speed and Kaiden’s intelligence. There, what awaits them are the evil forces whom they have to fight with to save the world. 

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Eleceed can be counted as one of those webcomics that one shouldn’t miss. All the better if you love realistic fighting scenes, strong female characters, breath-taking visuals and, a little bit of eccentricity. As stated above, the characters have the ability to turn themselves into a cat as a secret agent. This concept in itself draws attention and compels you to start reading. 

Korean webtoons are gaining much popularity lately and rightfully so. They are worth definitely worth the hype. Read to know the release date of Eleceed chapter 206.

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Eleceed Chapter 206 Release Date And Time

Eleceed chapter 206

As per our latest information, Eleceed Chapter 206 is set to release for fans on 12th August 2022. As of now, 204 chapters have been out for the webtoon series. The fighting scenes of this manhwa are something that holds the attention in its entirety. It wouldn’t be surprising if the creators decide to release more chapters of Eleceed. This manhwa is becoming interesting with each chapter.

Raw Scans of Eleceed Chapter 206

Raw Scans of every webtoon are available around 3 to 4 days prior to the actual release date. Hence, raw scans for Eleceed chapter 206 will be accessible on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and others on 9th-10th August 2022. We will update here if something exciting drops!

A Quick Recap

Eleceed chapter 206

In chapter 204, we see Jin getting defeated by Woo-In. The eye-brow-raising fact is that Jin lost to Woo-In in Manipulation technique which is his forte. We witness all the students in the academy shocked at the turn of events and how the fight between the two has transpired. Woo-In began to shine in everybody’s eyes. He won the fight (not officially as professors are yet to announce the results) without even being a part of the top 4 Korean rookies of the academy. What will be the outcome of the professors? Will they declare this as just a practice match?

Spoilers for Eleceed Chapter 206

The Eleceed chapter 206 will pick from chapter 205 whenever it is released. There is a heavy task lying on the professors of the World Awakened Academy. They have to declare the winner from Jin and Woo-In. However, everyone saw that Jin was defeated in the fight by Woo-In. But the teachers can not outrightly announce Jin as the loser and Woo-In as the winner as they have to defend their top rookies. Woo-In is not considered to be one in the best of the academy. It would be nail-biting to read what will professors do!

Where to Read?

We recommend reading the whole series otherwise you will miss out on one of the best webtoons! You can read Eleceed chapter 206 and other chapters on Webtoon and Topmanhua

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