EDUCACIÓN 3.0 consolidates itself for yet another year as the leading medium in Education

EDUCATION 3.0 continues with its unstoppable growth, consolidating itself as the leading medium in education in Spain. This is corroborated by the data for 2021, among which the more than 17 million unique users who chose our website at some point during the year stand out, which represents a growth of 17% compared to the previous year. The printed magazine continues to be the essential reference medium in thousands of educational centers throughout the country which, thanks to its print run of 60,000 copies per year (15,000 per issue), receive in-depth and rigorous information every three months on the most varied aspects of educational innovation: active methodologies, new technologies applied to education, interviews with leading experts, etc. Currently, we have nearly 1,000 subscribed educational centers that punctually receive the four annual issues that we edit and last year the online store sold a total of 3,000 copies.

Regarding the EDUCATION 3.0 social networks, they have not stopped growing during 2021, reaping spectacular figures. Thus, our Facebook page already has nearly 730,000 followers; the Twitter account exceeds 190,000 followers; the Instagram page has 83,400 followers and LinkedIn, the latest social network to join, reaches 88,700.

More than 25 million articles read

Returning to the website, the more than 17 million readers made nearly 23 million visits (which represents an increase of 8.3% compared to 2020) and read more than 24 million articles: the best figures in the 11 years of media history. “Ending such a complicated year with these data makes all the members of the team extremely happy who, day by day, work to provide our readers with the best and most complete information on education. They are our greatest motivation to continue with the work of being a benchmark for the educational community”, says Francisco Javier Palazón, director of EDUCATION 3.0.

Resources, the most visited

Among the wide variety of content published in EDUCATION 3.0 throughout the year, those corresponding to the Resources section, where the most varied solutions and initiatives are shared to work on the different subjects and skills at all educational levels, continued to be the most Popular: Articles in this section received more than 18 million views. The next most visited category was News (2.5 million), in which we publish daily all kinds of articles related to current affairs in the education sector, studies, news from the main firms…

category books EDUCATION 3.0

Bet on the promotion of reading

The third section that received the most visits in 2021 was Books, one of our latest and most important bets along with Technology and Courses. In this sense, every week we publish several articles with the most diverse themes related to books and reading, and they have had an excellent reception as evidenced by the nearly 2.5 million visits. The services to download books for free and legally, the recommendations to give to children and adolescents or the most read titles of the year sneak into the list of the most popular articles. “From the beginning we were very clear that promoting reading was going to be one of our distinctive features as a means of communication and this commitment to reading has only grown exponentially. We are very happy with the reception of the new section, which we hope will become a benchmark for lovers of literature and books”, says Palazón.

interest in technology

On the other hand, in the Technology section, in which our editors write articles on the most varied technological devices that are useful both for day-to-day use in the classroom and for the personal use of students, teachers and families, it received almost 700,000 visits. Of the numerous articles published in the year that has just ended, the recommendations of tools such as free antiviruses or programs to transcribe audio to text and devices such as CO2 meters that are being claimed so much so that classrooms (and other interior spaces) optimal air quality can be guaranteed to reduce the risk of contagion by COVID while taking care of thermal comfort.

technology category EDUCATION 3.0

Finally, the Courses section, which includes recommendations for both distance training and face-to-face training, received almost 500,000 visits, thus corroborating the interest in training in society. “Far from being satisfied, the figures with which we have ended 2021 are a tremendous incentive to continue working on our humble goal of helping to improve Education, always alongside teachers and educational centers, supporting them to the fullest so that they can carry out their commendable work in the best possible way”, concludes the director of EDUCATION 3.0.

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