“Duty After School” Confirms Im Se Mi And Shin Hyun Soo

«Duty After School» is a new drama based on a webtoon. It is a sci-fi thriller that describes the story of all the recruited students across the country who fight to earn extra points by exterminating unidentified objects before the CSAT. The drama will air on TVING, but there is no set date for the premiere. It sounds to me like a very crazy story, similar to «The School Nurse Files“, I do not know why… Shin Hyun Soo worked in 2021 in «Bossam Steal the Fate» and before that in «Mystic Pop Up Bar» as well as in «Eulachacha Waikiki 2«

Shin Hyun Soo (center, in red), in “Eulachacha Waikiki 2”

Im Be My has been cast in the new sci-fi thriller drama ‘ Duty After School«, on one site it says that it is reviewing the offer, but on another, they already give their leading role as a fact. Im Be My She takes on the role of Park Eun Yeong, a teacher who persuades students to go to war in the drama.

Im Se Mi and Oh Eui Shik in “True Beauty”

»True Beauty» tvN, is the most recent drama that Im Se Mi participated in and in addition to “Duty After School”, she will also participate in the upcoming JTBC drama ‘The Empire of Law‘ where she will play a reporter. For now, we don’t have any more information about the rest of the characters, but since it’s about students, there will be a lot of young faces for sure. The script is from Lee Nam Gyu author of «The Light in your Eyes” Y «I Picked Up a Star in the Road» among other dramas. The address is from the PD Sung Young Il from “Class of Lies» of 2019 and «dr frost» 2014. Credits Pinkvilla

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