Dude Perfect Net Worth, Career, And Relationship Status

If you have accessed youtube once. Then you will be knowing these extra talented, most skilful, mind-boggling and not be left out not 1 not 2 Many  Guinness world record Holders. Yes! you guessed it right Dude Perfect. To know more about this group of friends and the facts and trivia never know to anyone continue reading the article.

Age Of the Members

  • The Twin brothers, Coby and Cory Cotton- Coby being only a minute older than Cory makes these only Dude perfect twins. They were born on July 17, 1987, which makes them 34 years old.
  • Likewise, Garrett Hilbert- The third member of the group is also 34 years old.
  • Tyler Tony-Tyler is the youngest member of the group and is only 32 years old.
  • Furthermore, Cody Jones-Cody who is tallest among all is only 34 years old.

Dude Perfect The Youtube Channel

With their Debut Video ‘Backyard Edition’ touching the mark of 200k views within the week of the release of the video. Their Second Video has now 18 million views and counting in total. Is the first tricks videos they uploaded. Their channel mainly focuses on tricks and sports activities competing with one another and eventually competing for World records. This Has led them to gain 56 Million subscribers and gain massive popularity. Which has made them a good amount of money through Endorsements and Collaborations.

Dude Perfect Net Worth, Career, and Relationship Status

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Dude Perfect Dating life

With each of the Members of Dude Perfect being Happily married to their partner and having kids. This makes them more interesting for us Indians. As we Associate these fun activities with us only Till we are bachelors and Take marriage as more of sacrifice and Responsibilities.

Coby is married to Aubrey Ellett  and has one daughter

Cory is married to Amy Cotton and has twins and a younger Brother to those adorable twins

 Garrett is married to Kristin Hilbert And has Two sons and one daughter

 Tyler’s is married to Bethany Toney and they have two sons

 Cody’s is married to Allison Jones and they are blessed with two daughters

Net worth Of Dude Perfect

A channel With 54.8 million subscribers and 12.2 billion and counting views. If you go for a rough estimation the total Net worth of Dude Perfect as of 2021 is said to be $30 million of Which 10% is said to be generated from Youtube ads only.

As per statistics it can be estimated that dude perfect makes $24,000 a day. if we take into account other Income generation sources like their merch, apps, and book. the figure can exceed the given estimate.

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