Duarte Falcó stars in the most disconcerting anecdote of Álvaro and Isabelle Junot’s wedding

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Duarte Falcó would have been prohibited from entering the wedding of Isabelle Junot and Álvaro Falcó due to his styling, and would have had to leave to change and then be able to access the Mirabel Palace

Álvaro Falcó and Isabelle Junot are already husband and wife. The couple has given I do want today at the Mirabel Palace, in Plasencia. And they have done so in front of a large number of guests who have arrived in full flow at this spectacular place where the link has been held. And among those who have lived this day in a very special way, Xandra Falcó has been. Tamara Falcó’s sister has not missed this special day for her cousin and has arrived at the Palace accompanied by one of her daughters. A place that brings back good memories because it was there that she married her former husband, Jaime Carvajal. But she has not been the only sister of Tamara Falcó who has attracted attention. His brother Duarte has starred in a disconcerting anecdote upon his arrival at the Palace.Duarte Falcó has surprised everyone arriving with a very informal look at the wedding of Álvaro Falcó and Isabelle Junot. With jeans, sports shoes and a jacket with the hood on, he has stood in the place where the link has been held. From Socialité they have told that Duarte would not have been allowed to enter, and that she would have had to leave, change her clothes, and come back with a style according to the occasion.Duarte Falcó upon his arrival at the Mirabel Palace. Gtres On the other hand, Surely Xandra Falcó has found it inevitable that nostalgia invades her. It must be remembered that Jaime Carvajal died suddenly a year and a half ago, leaving a huge void in his wife. Despite this, Tamara Falcó’s sister has arrived with a big smile at the wedding of Álvaro Falcó and Isabelle Junot. For the occasion, the businesswoman has opted for a very spring look made up of a long dress with a high neck in white and red, a white knit cape finished with fringes and white high-heeled shoes. As a headdress, Xandra has worn one with flower structures to match the dress.Xandra FalcoXandra Falcó at the wedding of Isabelle Junot and Álvaro Falcó. gtres
And it has also been possible to see Manuel Falcó, the older brother of the Marchioness of Griñón, who has arrived at the place of the link accompanied by his wife Amparo Corsini. The one who has not been seen for now is Tamara, who will surely be since she is one of the witnesses of the wedding.

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