Dr Stone Chapter 202 Release Date, Preview And More

Dr Stone Chapter 202 is about to be released and here is all that you need to know about the anime series.

Dr. Stone Chapter 202 – Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 202 is to be released on June 27, 2021. Also, there are no other official details regarding the release of the anime. Also, VizMedia and MangaPlus have official access to all the chapters of Dr. Stone. Moreover, the use of other media is strictly prohibited. Fans are requested to read their favorite anime by using the given media alone.

What Is Dr. Stone All About?

Senkuu wants to bring back two years and also give life to those who turned into stones – the statues. But, in this, there is one person who is against Senkuu. He is Tsukasa Shishiou. According to him, only the fittest of all should be brought back. Clearly enough, this anime is a battle between Senkuu and Tsukasa Shishiou. Also, in Dr. Stone, Senkuu and his allies fight against Tsukasa Shishiou’s empire. But, here, there is a battle between the kingdom of science who comes up with new scheme ideas to recruit new members to their kingdom. And with all of these, a big fight erupts between Senkuu and Tsukasa Shishiou. Henceforth begins the stone wars.

Dr. Stone – Plot

The story begins in April 5738 CE. And there is a mysterious flash and this turns all of humankind to stones. There comes our hero. A 15-year-old boy by the name Senkuu. He is mysteriously revived and he later learns that he is in a place where everyone else is eroded and are stones. Clearly enough, he sets on a mission to revive the entire human race from the flash and the curse.

Genre: Science fiction, Action Fiction, Post Apocalypse Fiction

Cast Of Dr. Stone

Aron Dismuke plays the role of Senkuu while Yuichi Nakamura plays the role of Tsukasa Shishiou. Justin Briner, Jerry Jewel, Matt Shipman, Ian Shinclair, Manamuki Numakura stars in the anime.

Dr Stone Chapter 202 Release Date, Preview And More

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Trailer Of Dr. Stone Chapter 202

Here is a look to the official trailer of Dr. Stone Chapter 202. I am sure that you will be super excited to read the anime after seeing the trailer of Dr. Stone now. Let us stay glued with the MangaPlus and VizMedia for the latest updates and releases of the anime. Also, we shall update this thread for you to post other reports of the release

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