Dr. Stone chapter 200 Release Date, Spoilers, Chapter 199 Highlights

What Happend In Chapter 199- Highlights

In the previous chapter, it was portrayed on how the development of Dr. Xeno machine was in the process so that to detect the rare materials. It was a success for the Kingdom of Science Team when they collected various types of rate materials and they had the best outcome of it. Once again, putting the attention on Perseus, although they were able to recover all the listed materials which were to be used in the next project because of the damage they had to resist. Follow article for details on Dr. Stone chapter 200.

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 release date

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 is all done and it’s a treat for the fans as they have been waiting after the events of the previous chapter which left everyone hanging in suspense as it is scheduled to be out on 13 June 2021 where the time will vary depending on the different geographical locations.Dr. Stone chapter 200

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 spoilers!!

The spoilers of Dr. Stone chapter 200 shall probably leak on the 11th of June as they usually drop around this time and for now, there is no spoiler yet.

Where to read

If you want to cover more in the story of Dr. Stone and what more suspense shall stand ahead, you can head to

  1. Viz Media and
  2. Mangaplus as it is available to read there for free.

Dr. Stone chapter 200


It portrays the story of 2 regular average students named Senku and Taiju, as they live their regular life in to achieve their objectives. Taiju was in love with a girl and it was about the time when he thought he had to confess his feelings and on the other hand, Senku was determined on his project as he worked in the science room on his experiment.

Dr. Stone chapter 200

As one day in the normal state of events, a light out of nowhere appeared and flooded the Earth where anything which was touched by it, was then gradually turning into a stone. The whole of humanity was trapped in this befallen crisis on them. Senku and Taiju too were trapped in this but they had to find a way to make it out of this trap before it is too long that they are not able to. The journey goes on as to bring back the civilization back as this anime has a lot to offer.

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