Dr. Cabrera reappears on television after the tragic death of his wife

The popular doctor Cabrera, a regular contributor to ‘Cuarto Milenio’, was enjoying a holiday in Marbella with his wife when tragedy struck them with the worst ending. As he revealed to the media 10 days after the fatal event, she choked on a piece of carrot that caused “stuckness in the glottis” and subsequent suffocation. Although she did everything she could to revive her, it was not possible and she died. At first, Cabrera acknowledged being “in shock” after what happened and this Monday he resumed his professional commitments on television. The forensic doctor reappeared in ‘Public Mirror’ and Susanna Griso did not hide her astonishment at how soon she had resumed her routine and took the opportunity to publicly offer her condolences, a gesture that José welcomed with affection: “28 years ago I entered this house for first time, and you have always treated me with great affection”.Atresmedia At this very complicated moment in his life, the specialist in Psychiatry and Forensic Legal Medicine has justified his presence by alleging that “I need to be busy (…) The void is only filled by being busy and seeing others. Looking at your navel is the worst thing a person who loses someone and you despair can do,” he said. Dr. Cabrera has admitted that he is applying to himself the advice that he has given his patients over the years. Throughout these days, the popular collaborator has received the affection of countless colleagues and friends among the It is worth noting Iker Jiménez, the presenter referred to him as “family”: “I send him your hugs and wishes for strength and encouragement. They are very good for him at this time”.

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