Dogs of Elon Tokens NFT Price | How To Buy Dogs of Elon NFT

About Dogs of Elon Tokens

The Dogs of Elon are the new NFTs that were announced in the market only recently. These NFTs are dedicated to Tesla’s head. It developed after the famous Dogecoin meme that circulated almost 7 years back. There will be a total of 10,000 NFTs available in the initial stage. There have been several online websites that share the details about these launches of the coins. Several supporters of the iconic Doge coins were thrilled with this announcement and started minting the NFTs during the pre-sale stage itself! NFTs are the abbreviated form of Non-Fungible Tokens. These tokens will work if they are bought using cryptocurrencies. The data for these coins are stored in the ledger using blockchain technology. These tokens are available in any medium such as photos, videos, games, etc. The blockchain helps to identify the owner of the coin. This technology makes it easily accessible to everyone as well as makes digital privacy the priority. At the same time, the files associated with these coins can be exchanged with others. Therefore, this is the difference between these tokens and general cryptocurrencies.

These Dogs of Elon Tokens also feature special Elon Doges and Zombie coins. You are also eligible to stake these coins in order to buy other cryptocurrencies. Initially, an individual was allowed to buy only 20 coins at a stretch. These restrictions have changed over the month.

Price of Dogs of Elon Token

The current market price of the tokens is staked at  $0.217465. The price of the coin has declined by almost 8% in the last 24 hours. The current trading volume of the tokens is registered at $11,671,020. The market cap of the coins is staked to be at $41,777,479. The current ranking of the coin is found to be 677. The circulating supply of the tokens is found to be 192,111,677. The maximum supply of the coins available as of now is to be  1,000,000,000. The trading volume of the tokens has increased in the last 24 hours by almost 35%. Along with this, the fully diluted market cap of these tokens is found to be at $215,414,681.

How to buy Dogs of Elon NFT

There are simple procedures to be followed in order to buy these coins. We have listed them down for you to follow. You have to first choose a popular cryptocurrency trading exchange site. The current sites that are accepting the tokens are Gate.ioBKEXAOFEXMEXC, and Hotbit. Once you have chosen the website you have to next register on it. You need to use some credentials, email id, and phone number. After this, you will be eligible to log in to the website. You can link your bank account or use a credit/debit card for the payment method. You can use it to buy the Dogs of Elon Coins. You are completely secure while using these websites. However, we recommend you go through the current market analysis before diving into the investment procedure.

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