Disney+’s “Grid”, Final Review

«grid” either “Zero» of Disney + reached the end of its 10 episodes of suspense and science fiction. I don’t have data about its popularity in Korea or in other countries, but I don’t expect it to get big numbers, it had little publicity and on top of that its protagonist is doing his military service, that’s why, although Seo Kang Joon has a great fan base, because eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel!! For Latin America, there is no release date on Disney+ or Star+ Disney+ decided to broadcast this drama with ONE episode per week, then it is science fiction and the story has many elements that create doubts throughout the episodes, but for the following week when you take it up again, you already forgot what your unknowns were!! I think it’s episode 8 where there are almost no dialogues, and yet the scenes are decisive to understand the open ending that hints at a second season, since as the “ghost” says, time doesn’t run, it just flows in parallel lines. About the second season, it’s just my perception, I don’t know what the metrics are at Disney to decide this and I reaffirm that Seo Kang Joon he is in the army now. «grid«, in Spanish «Red», follows different individuals who try to locate a person known as “the Ghost”, each for their own reasons. 24 years earlier, the Ghost created a shield known as “the Net” to protect humanity from life-threatening solar winds. After the creation of said shield, the Phantom disappeared and did not appear again until now, 24 years later, but this time as an accomplice of a serial killer.

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

Kim Sae Ha works in the Administration office, an organization that carries out secret activities, within them protecting and monitoring the operation of the Network that the “ghost” built to protect the earth from the increasingly frequent and dangerous solar storms that they can wipe out not only people, but the planet. Kim Sae Ha has personal reasons to remain as an employee in this organization under the orders of Choi Seon Wool, an ambitious and cold woman who intends to catch the “Ghost” to obtain his secrets and achieve a greater position and influence. Kim Sae Ha’s classmates know very little about him, barely the essentials. Chae Jong Yi does his job and has ambitions, but his job offers no chance. Song Eun Jin, is the ex-husband of detective Jung Sae Byeok, before he belonged to a more important area and wants to return, but he is trapped in an office of very little importance, it almost seems that the office was created to give Mrs. Choi Seon Wool a job because of what she saw 24 years ago. Jung Sae Byeok, is a determined and honest detective, she resents following “instructions from above” and in fact when she receives them, she ignores them. She gets involved in the search for a criminal named Kim Manok, but this man is also targeted by the Administration Office, so when she continues to pursue him, despite orders, she is sent to a distant province as punishment, but still, she helps Kim Sae Ha in her search for the truth that changed her life 24 years ago, after all, they have to relate to make the future possible. Kim Manok is the man who is constantly protected by the “ghost” to prevent him from being caught by the police due to various crimes he commits. He is a man full of anger who seems to have no importance in the plot, but from what I understood, if he did not exist, Kim Sae Ha and Jung Sae Byeok would not have met, and they would not be together at the end of the story, to help the existence of the “ghost” in a different time than the one they are living in. Kim Sae Ha has the opportunity to follow the “ghost” in different timelines thus changing the events and with it his own life so he feels happy, but these changes seriously affect other people, and he decides that this is not the right thing, so he puts some things back, among them, he saves the life of his co-worker Song Eun Jin, but he can’t help but be part of those who must be sacrificed so that the Network can be built and allow the Life continues on the planet.

Ending explanation, SUPER SPOILER!!

However, we are in a science fiction story, so in one timeline we saw Kim Sae Ha die, but in another, it is hinted that he is saved, Kim Manok dies in both timelines. There is a fight near the end of the last episode between the initial “ghost” and a new ghost, then a new character appears. In a conversation, the “ghost 2” says that the network has disappeared in all timelines, and the new character says that they “will keep watching because anything can happen.” We understand that in another timeline, Kim Sae Ha, the initial “ghost”, detective Jung Sae Byeok and Song Eun Jin race to save the daughter of the latter two and thus protect the future. This insinuates that the ex-marriage had a relationship, and from this Byuri was born, she would be the mother of the “ghost” that builds the network, but if Kim Sae Ha had not died he could have been romantically interested in Jung Sae Byeok and Byuri did not would have been born I mean, Kim Sae Ha had to get involved in detective Jung Sae Byeok’s life and save Song Eun Jin, but he couldn’t stay alive, although he clearly is, but already involved with all the characters in a different way in a second timeline.

My Rating 9

So will there be a sequel? I don’t know, I would like to, but I don’t know if this would be possible!! The theme is interesting, it is a consistent and logical development, but for me, the way it was broadcast does not help much to keep the public interested, for that alone I do not give it a 10. Think again Disney and stop experimenting with your release form! Those who like it can now watch it non-stop, so maybe they can have a better opinion than me. «grid» it’s a writer’s script Lee Soo Yeo from “stranger« from tVN and has in the address to the PD lee kang (The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful)

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