Did Stacey Dash Bleach Her Skin? Look At Before And After Photos After Fans Accused Her Of Skin Lightening

Clueless actress Stacey Dash has become clueless in the literal sense too. Recently, the former Fox News commentator posted an emotional video on Instagram expressing her grief over the death of Earl Simmons aka popular rapper DMX. Dash claimed that she was not aware of the news and stumbled upon a TikTok video and got the devastating news from there.

Netizens were quick to point out her oblivious behavior and trolled her for living under a rock. While that keeping aside, in the Instagram video, netizens observed one more thing as well. The whole public attention went on Stacey Dash’s face as according to Twitter users, her face appeared a bit lighter than before. Did she bleach her skin? Let’s know about the whole fiasco.

Where Is Stacey Dash Now?

Stacey Dash is an accomplished American actress well known for her roles in the Blockbuster film Clueless (1995), Renaissance Man (1994), and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1994). She had her breakthrough and peak both in the 90s era. After that, her career took off in various directions and was not just limited to acting. Owing to her proclivity for the right ideology, she got the opportunity to be a Fox-News contributor. However, this new path was not a piece of cake and she faced a lot of vitriol from the viewers. Dash remained adamant about her views.

Stacey Dash Set For New Reality Show About Her Interior Design Career

Later, unfortunately, she was sanctioned from the channel for cussing at the speech of Barack Obama over terrorism. At that time, the whole media was on her back labeling her a conservative angry black woman. Nevertheless, those were the days. After that, Stacey was not much seen in the tabloids. Moreover, she quit acting a long time ago. Let’s know more about the Instagram video.

Did Stacey Dash Bleach Her Skin?

Stacey Dash

Dash posted a video crying over the demise of rapper DMX as explained earlier. Since then, rumors were doing the rounds whether the former actress has used Skin lightening treatment or bleached her skin to make it appear fair. This observation was made after Stacey Dash posted a  tik took video of her crying about rapper DMX’s death. People pointed out Dash’s white color skin more than before. Many users claimed that they are looking at Stacey for a long time and she appears whiter than before. Stacy’s video got more than 43,000 views on TikTok. Fans pointed out they are seeing Stacy after a long time and she is looking whiter than before.

Fans were shocked and claimed that she had undergone skin-lightening surgery. The reaction of fans is mixed some says they are proud of her some claimed that they are sad seeing Stacey like that.

The trail of accusations just did not stop right here. Users went on to accuse her of using bleaching her gorgeous skin. “She was so beautiful before.” one user wrote.

“Stacey Dash bleach her skin during the pandemic or something??,” a Twitter user said

“I haven’t paid attention to Stacey Dash in so long so IDK how late I am to this but…. she’s been bleaching her skin??? I’m so sad to see that. She was so gorgeous,” another disappointed user tweeted.

“That’s Stacey Dash? When did her skin become so light? another disappointed fan tweeted

“I feel like Stacy Dash wanted us to see her new skin” Darius a Twitter user

“Some Explain how quickly how Stacey Dash’s skin color is at its winter shade in the middle of summer” hello a Twitter user.

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Are These Rumors True?

Stacey Dash

After getting a whiff of these rumors, Stacey Dash clapped back at all the haters with one Tweet in 2014— “Apparently, I’m NOT an Uncle Tom anymore BUT I AM bleaching my skin to be more white. LOL, #MyHatersGettinCreative.”  This one reply shuts down all these rumors and proves them baseless. 

According to the Online dictionary Merriam Webster, “Uncle Tom” is internet slang that means, “a person who is overly subservient to or cooperative with authority”

However, it could be anything. She might or might not be applying bleach to her skin. This would never be confirmed by her for obvious reasons. 

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