Dhindora episode 9 Release Date, Plot, Cast & What To Expect


Dhindora is a Hindi web series that surround Bhuvan and his family’s everyday lives when a sudden purchase leads to a series of events and portrays every common man’s bigger-than-life dreams. Keep reading this article to know more about Dhindora episode 9 Release Date, Plot, Cast & What To Expect.

Dhindora is an upcoming Hindi web film which is created by famous Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam and directed by Himank Gaur. This film is produced by Rohit Raj and Bhuvan Bam under his own production house BBkiVines Production Ltd. In his career, it is the first series which is made by this production. The film will feature many famous faces of Bhuvan Bam. The screenplay of this film was done by Hussain Dalal,  Abbas Dalal, and Bhuvan Bam. Let’s find out when will be the next season going to come.

What Happen in Dhindora Episode 8

Dhindora Episode 8 ” Samay Ka Pahiya” shows us that Bhuvan’s father was fired from his job and then he sees the same beggar and requests him to buy the lottery ticket once again. However, both are having fun with the lottery ticket. Suddenly Babloo scratch one of the lottery ticket and he wins the lottery. Then after a few months, the Bhuvam family living the life way they dream off. They have served all their promises which they have told to their society.

Dhindora Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date And What To Expect.

One day, Janki is watching Tv. Suddenly Hola appears in her house. On his back, he is holding the knife full of blood. This is how the story ends.  It is interesting to see what will happen next Dhindora Episode 9. Whether Hola will kill his Bhuvan mother or something interesting storyline will appear. This is how the story gets finished. Let’s wait for the next episode 9 to release. This story has given us a very important lesson that sees what are you doing and after completing tell to everyone. Don’t always tell everything to everyone. First, do and then ‘Dhindora’

Dhindora episode 9 Plot

Dhindora’s episode 9 plot will be going to release soon after the completion of season 1. Before that, let us know what the series is all about.

The word Dhindora means is to spread the news in the locality. This web series revolve around the daily life of family drama in which famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam is the main protagonist of the story and in this series, Bhuvan will play his role and also the other roles like mother, father, friend, brother. In this story, Bhuvan Bam’s father Bablu Ji is thrown away from the job due to some reason. His family was dependent on his job. After having up and down in life Bablu Ji buys a lottery ticket and wins a lottery of Rs 11 crores.

After the lottery, Bablu Ji told Bhuvan’s mother Janki about the lottery and request her not to tell anyone. But, who can stop her? She spread the news in the entire locality that she has won a lottery of Rs 11 crores. However, things got to change when Bablu Ji meets with an accident and is taken to the hospital. During the treatment in the hospital, he lost his memory. Bhuvan and his friends start their mission to find out the person who hit his father and the lottery that his father win.

Dhindora Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & What To Expect

On the other hand, it is difficult to control her mother Janki who has already promised her friends to buy luxury gifts for them.  Now it will be interesting to see whether his father actually win the lottery? Is his father actually lost his memory?. Like this, we can only assume what will be going to their lottery and if they didn’t get the lottery how they will deal with their neighbors.

Cast Of Dhindora episode 9

Cast Of Dhindora Season 2 has done extremely justice to their roles. The main leader or the protagonist of the series is Bhuvan Bam. He has played various roles like Bablu Ji, Janki, Titu Mana, Banchoddas, Sameer Fuddi, and more. Gayatri Bhardwaj plays the character of Dr.Tara. Then we have Anup Soni who plays the character of self. Ankur Pathak plays the character of a lottery boy. Arun Kushwah plays the character of Telemarketing baba. Badri Chavan plays the character of a Rickshaw guy. Ishtiyak Khan plays the character of Boss.

Devraj Patel plays the character of students. Rajesh Tailang plays the character of Paarshad. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia plays the role of Chef. All these actors have done a great performance in this series.

What To Expect From Dhindora episode 9

As an audience, we expect from Dhindora episode 9 a new character of Bhuvan Bam which is unique. In an interview, he revealed that he is planning for episode 9 if he got a huge audience response on season 1. In this short web series, he had gained different experiences. He had done many shows and played only one character. But in this short film, he had got the opportunity to versatile his acting and played the various characters. His fans are going crazy about the show and people love to see the next episode 9. Fans are praising his hard work and wish him luck for this film.

As we know that people love BB because of his channel name BB Ki Vines which went popular. He is famous for his character. there is nothing to hide that this man is the most popular Youtuber in India. Bhuvan has received so much love from his fans while doing sarcastic comedy. His videos are just like the daily life of the people and the best part is that his content is always different and unique.. Coming to his film, there is as such no confirmation was given for episode 9. So it’s hoped that a new storyline will be going to see in episode 9 next year.


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Dhindora episode 9 Release Date

Dhindora episode 9 release date is not confirmed by Bhuvan bam and his team. but there is a chance that next season will be going to release on after the three months of season 1. Season 1 episode consists of 8 and every episode is streamed on YouTube Channel. Season 1 is officially released on 14 October 2021 and how it ends on 2 December 2021. IMDb rating of the series is 9.8/10. Go and watch this amazing comedy web series and below watch the trailer. Stay with us for further updates on this show.

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