They say out there, when it’s your turn, even if you take it off and when not, even if you put it on. Life is like that, it changes overnight and you never know what your last breath will be. However, astrology can help you a little. Dare to discover the way you will die according to your sign. Sure, based on your personality, will it be?


Health! I hope that the last day comes to you enjoying, you like the party, the risk and everything that puts your heartbeat to the test. You don’t know how to be still and you love it. You enjoy having a full agenda and people appreciate your adventurous spirit, because it invites them to break their fears. You are the rebel of the zodiac, there is not much chance that you will lose your life lying on a bed. You are the one who does not stay with the desire. You love travel, extreme games, hidden places. This is how you can lose your life.


Your stubborn side may be to blame for making you lose your life. And it is that you know that your pride is immense, you do not like to ask anyone for anything and if you have to pretend that you have everything under control, you do it. Something inside you repeats that you will be fine and you let yourself go. Hence, it is very likely that you will end up saying goodbye because you went in the wrong direction and ended up falling down a ravine. All for not asking for help. It’s amazing, your stubborn side is scary.


People often describe you as a tough being, but the truth is that your simple essence is what ends up socializing with everyone. You have conversation topics to throw out the window and you will surely end up losing your life for trusting the wrong person. It is not that you are naive, but there are those who disguise themselves very well and only approach you to hurt you. Don’t assume, you never know if there is a criminal on the other side of the door.


You know that there are wounds that are very difficult to close, especially for you who give yourself without any falsehood. When you love, you want the best for that person and you don’t see the need to control yourself in any way. It’s like this, you love to be intense, but it’s counterproductive in goodbyes. You will most likely lose your life because your emotions bend. A love breakup may be the reason.


Honestly, Leo, you don’t see the risk in anything, you like to live to the fullest and take advantage of the little details. However, your recklessness can lead you to the most tragic scenarios. Sometimes, because you’re having fun, you don’t pay attention and you can end up falling off a cliff because you wanted to take a spectacular picture. However, you love that, your spontaneous side is what makes you feel that everything is worth it.


For now! Virgo, your mind can no longer be clear for 30 seconds because you saturate it with a lot of things from the past. You do not forgive yourself for any mistake and that has led you to experience anxiety and depression. Remember that poorly maintained mental health can be the reason you lose your life. So many things in your head can make you explode. Virgo, stop demanding yourself at that level, you are sinking.


Your heart, Libra, is that little piece that keeps so many endearing moments next to the people you love. You are a sign that would give anything to help their loved ones. However, it is your kindness that can make you lose your life. You are the one who does not hesitate to jump in the middle of an accident, you do not sit idly by. If you have to put yourself at risk to save the other, you will. And in your last words you will not regret it, because it pleases you to help.


You and your intense character, Scorpio, can be a problem for your stay in this world. And it is that when nobody gets into your things you live it calm, but… poor of that one who insists on making you angry because he is going to find you. It is your spiteful side that can lead you to lose your life, because you do not think twice when it comes to fighting and you know that in an altercation a pull can end all your dreams. Watch out!


The truth is that what lies beyond is not something that disturbs you, on the contrary, you focus on doing what you like and living today. Life for you is like a joke that you have to understand to really laugh. Surely, this is how you would lose your life, laughing until your stomach hurts or visiting that place you always dreamed of. You know that the final day will come sooner or later and it does not scare you.


Eternal rest… it may sound a bit crazy and it is, but the truth is that you spend so much effort every day, that losing your life is not something that takes away your sleep. You have goals to meet and you know that when the right time comes you will feel proud. However, it is very likely that it is already very old, quietly at home, watching your whole life pass by in a few minutes while you leave forever.


It’s funny, because they tend to see you as the selfless one, the one who has to think twice to be able to truly surrender and who builds a huge emotional wall. However, your heart is big, you are capable of giving your life for those who are loyal. There are few people who are special to you, but for them you would do anything. This is how you will probably lose your life, becoming that hero that is never forgotten.


In the name of love, even on your last day on this earth, you will most likely honor your sensitive side. You are a person who, although the wounds have made you somewhat distrustful, still believe that everything is based on love. It doesn’t matter if you lose your life in an accident or naturally. Your mind and your heart will leave calm, because they will take the most beautiful memories. They are the proof that you really know how to give yourself.

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