Dali and Cocky Season 2 : Spoilers and Release date


Dali and Cocky

Dali and Cocky Season 2 Analysis | This Korean drama was released recently in September 2021. This rom-com series revolves around the life of an average boy who tries to win over a girl from a royal family. It sounds pretty cliched, eh? Well, it is interesting because of the witty jokes and the character development. The girl from the royal family tries to save the day by fighting for an art museum meanwhile, the boy is hiding a secret- he does not have any formal education. This creates a comedy of errors and both the protagonists help each other to overcome the challenges ahead. The main characters of the show are Jin Moo Hak played by Kim min jae and Kim Dali played by Park gyu young. Kim Dali belongs to a royal family but has attained a degree and working as a researcher in an Art Museum. She is fluent in 7 languages and has a keen interest in the world of art and aesthetics. Moo Hak started his career with a small restaurant but soon turned into a global business. He is driven by money and trading.

The series is written by acclaimed screenwriters Son Eun-hye and Park Se-eun. The series is directed by Lee Jung-seob. It has been created for television by the production medium Hong Seok-gu and KBS Drama Division.

Dali and Cocky Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ended on November 11, 2021. It has received tremendous viewership over the past 2 months. Therefore, there have been rumors from the production house about the renewal of the show. There has been no confirmed news yet. However, based on the judgment of the fan’s liking, there will be a second season for the show. We will update you about the exact date of the series soon.

Dali and Cocky Season 2 spoilers

Season 1 of the show had an abrupt ending. The last episode revealed to the audience the mystery behind Dali’s father’s death. It also showed that Moo Hak was severely injured after being stabbed in the strange parking area. There was also a talk between the characters which hinted at stopping to see each other. Both of them have to leave for different places in order to pursue their dreams. The unresolved fight between them still hasn’t reached any agreement. The second season will showcase the change in the dynamics of their relationship. It will also the father play a pivotal role to bring the characters closer and mutual agreement.

Watch Online

Season 1 of the series is available for viewing on websites such as Viu. and JustWatch. You can register on these websites with your credentials. After this, you can log in and enjoy the viewing experience. A whole range of Korean dramas is available on this platform.



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