The new voice actress agency «AiRBLUE» has no background and no experience. Sixteen girls who aspire to be successful seiyus will do their best to achieve their dreams, but it’s hard hard. No matter how much they practice, not all of them will pass the auditions.
Title: CUE!
Gender: Slice of life, music, idols
Release date: 08-01-2022
Episodes: 24
Direction: Shin Katagai
Character design: Motohiro Taniguchi
Music: Ryosuke Nakanishi
Duration: 25 minutes approx.
Animation studio: Graphinica
Web page:
Raising your voice to reach the top (by Corj)
I love watching series and movies related to the world of cinema, music and everything that surrounds it. So how could I not give CUE! a try? In case anyone doesn’t know, this anime based on the video game of the same name for mobile devices plunges us into a newly founded voice actress agency that has a staff of rookies who want to fulfill their dreams. So at first, the proposal is quite interesting, since it is not a topic that is usually dealt with often. Now, we already know how this type of series based on video games tends to be, so, within the interest that it can raise, you can’t have very, very high expectations either.
©CUE! Animation Project All of the above said, is CUE! enjoyable? Well the answer is yes. It is not a series that will go down in history, far from it, but it more than fulfills its function of entertaining. It is curious to see how each of the sixteen girls who are part of the AiRBLUE agency have different motivations to be part of the same sector as the others. Also, we are quickly seeing that within the world there are different ways to break through, such as starting by giving voice to a filler character, being part of an idol project, etc. Not that the series navigates very deeply into the ins and outs of the world of voice acting, but it offers enough to make you want to continue with the next episode.. Regarding the group of girls, not only their dreams are different, but they all have a personality that has nothing to do with the rest, but that makes them complement each other. This is something that is not easy at all when handling such a high number of characters in which, in addition, they are all protagonists.
©CUE! Animation Project As for the technical section, it is not that it stands out much, but it more than meets the mark in general terms. The animation is not that it is amazing, but it does not give the feeling that we are facing a static anime. Perhaps the most notable is the character design. Each of the protagonists has a large number of details that make them stand out from the others. In addition to this, it plays very well with the color palette at all times. In short, CUE! It’s not one of those anime that you can’t miss, but if you give it a chance you will most likely enjoy it. That is to say, we are facing the typical series that remains worthy at all times and that manages to entertain without us asking ourselves why we are watching it. Of course, you have to know what you are going for.

General: 3 Script: 3 Animation: 3 Design: 4 Music: 3

Mom, I want to be seiyuu (by Cooperlynch)
The world of dubbing has always been interesting to me. For this reason, the idea of ​​an anime that focuses on what the seiyuu world is like seems more than attractive to me. In this case CUE! part of the basic outline of a group of girls looking to pursue their dream.
©CUE! Animation Project The impressions that these first episodes have given me is that, on the one hand, the general atmosphere is very white, tender and innocent, full of camaraderie, education, good intentions and a general good vibes, in which everything seems to be going to go out to order. The whole environment is excessively idealized and it seems that everything is rosy.
In addition to fulfilling all possible topics and archetypes, the protagonists are surrounded by all kinds of comforts, and it seems that they live in the country of the lollipop. There is no type of conflict, coexistence is peaceful, their superiors, technicians…, everyone has empathy and an exquisite education… In short: it seems that nothing is going to alter this generalized harmony, therefore, despite showing the ins and outs of a real job, doubts, difficulties and insecurities appear resolved with attitudes and situations that seem to be taken from the Mr. Wonderful catalogue.
©CUE! Animation Project On the other hand, it is very appreciated that the series investigates the technical processes of anime dubbing, showing how the meetings are, how to record the shots, the timing, the insecurities or the impressions of technicians, director and mangaka. In the technical section the series complies quietly. Without making great boasts we have a good and varied character design, and the animation behaves in a fluid and stable manner. The musical section has not made a special impression on me.
©CUE! Animation Project And with all this: is it CUE! an enjoyable anime? Of course yes, if you know what’s coming. If you are looking for a relaxing anime, very white, calm and with a curious theme to pass the time, it is clear that this proposal is more than enough.

General: 3 Script: 3 Animation: 3 Design: 3 Music: 2


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