Cristina Saavedra’s first message after the death of her sister

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When the first anniversary of the death of Cristina Saavedra’s little sister had not yet been fulfilled, now the journalist fired the eldest

Less than a week ago Cristina Saavedra launched a stark cry from social networks. A shooting in the hospital, where his older sister was in palliative care, did not allow him to access her room. “In this hospital there are patients saying goodbye to life. Sick in their last hours with terminal cancer. And they have started shooting a movie (…) Hey, my sister’s life is gone, there are no minutes”, he cried. Three days later, she passed away. Today, the journalist reappeared on social networks, but she did it without showing her face and sending a message that she needed to give.“Thank you for so much love,” reads his Instagram story. Black background and white letters. Brief and concise, without further artifice. Cristina Saavedra needed to thank all messages and shows of support received in recent days; and she felt that she should, in some way, respond to all those people who have spent a few minutes trying to comfort her. It seems that they have achieved something, although after such a tragedy, finding relief from grief seems impossible. In June, the journalist and news presenter of La Sexta lost her younger sister. Just 9 months apart, Cristina Saavedra has experienced two of the most painful duels. She then called her life “unbearably perverse”, she had already taken away one of the most special people in her family. Her followers turned to her, giving her words of encouragement and full of affection; which she, of course, thanked her for. This March, her life has shown him again how horribly cruel she can be; but, fortunately, people have also taught him that, despite everything, there are still glimmers of light.

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