Cristina Medina (‘La que se avecina’) gets excited when talking about the cancer she suffers

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Actress Cristina Medina, Nines in ‘La que se avecina’, has reappeared on stage in the midst of her harsh cancer treatment

Christina Medina She has been the surprise guest at Maui’s show in ‘Domingos de vermut y potaje’ held this Sunday at the Flamenco Theater in Madrid and there she has not hesitated to speak openly about the breast cancer that she was diagnosed with a little over six months ago. Showing off her art and her enormous sense of humor, the actress from ‘La que se avecina’ reappeared on stage ready to have a good time. As if no one was listening, Cristina and Maui were honest about everything that had changed them life. “Cancer has obviously been a before and after,” He told without being able to contain his emotion, although the illness has not taken away his desire to continue, quite the opposite: “I want to continue gaining weight by collecting moments.”Thanks to his Instagram profile we are getting to know a little more about his day-to-day life in the midst of his harsh treatment. Cristina assures that music has become her best therapy: “My love of music and the piano… encourages you to invest in something that you have always wanted to do. For me throughout this process it has been a bit of a ‘lifesaver'”, admitted. The 50-year-old actress stepped aside and focused on her fight against cancer with harsh radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments, which apparently would have given good results. Tonight, Cristina Medina will once again bring the unforgettable Nines to life in what will be the final season of ‘La que se avecina’, nothing better to put aside the harsh reality and laugh out loud.

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