Couso’s brother reminds the Government that war crimes began with Iraq

David Couso demands justice 19 years after the murder of his brother

We can promote a law that recovers universal justice to prosecute Putin’s crimes and the death of Couso

“If they talk so much about international law, let them start with a Spanish journalist who after 19 years still does not have justice,” Couso launched

David Cousobrother of cameraman José Couso assassinated in Iraq in 2003, appeared this Wednesday before the media at the gates of Congress as a “victim of war” and has carried an image of his brother from the fatal injuries he received from a bullet of an American tank, when he was recording images from the Palestine Hotel. Coinciding with the war in Ukraine and when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims to be “at the forefront” in terms of legality and international law, David Couso demands that the war crime of a Spanish citizen be prosecuted, because after 19 years of his death, the guilty have not been punished. “If they talk so much about international law, let them start with a Spanish journalist who after 19 years still does not have justice,” he launched. Couso thanked United We Can for presenting a bill to Congress to recover the principle of universal justice in jurisdictional regulations. The brother of the murdered cameraman has criticized the fact that his coalition partner does not comply with the programmatic agreement to reform the jurisdiction of justice and contemplate the principle of universal justice.
He has also maintained that the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, refuses to receive them and the “message” that he appreciates in the socialist wing of the Executive is that he does not want to carry out this reform of the legislation.

Meeting with United We Can

David Couso has met with the president of the confederal group of United We Can, Jaume Asens, and the deputy of the formation Martina Velarde.
United We Can request the support of the PSOE for this initiative when it is debated in the chamber, with a view to modifying article 23 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, with the aim of recovering the capacity of the Spanish courts to prosecute crimes in the judicial sphere, a precept that was suppressed in 2014 under the then Executive governed by the PP. Asens pointed out that precisely yesterday the President of Ukraine, Vorodimir Zelensky, spoke during his intervention in Congress about the situation in his country after the Russian invasion, evoking in turn the bombing of the town of Guernica in 1937 by German aviation.
However, the leader of En Comú Podem has underlined that, apart from Ukraine, there are other “illegal” wars like the one in 2003 promoted by former US President George Bush, supported by the Spanish Executive led by José María Aznar.

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