Coosy wedding guest dresses: ideal designs to be the perfect guest

Cozy It is one of the preferred firms of the Spanish. In the middle of the search season for the perfect look to wear at baptisms, weddings and communions, the firm led by Virginia Well It is one of the most appetizing options. Its sophisticated and flattering designs, and at competitive prices, make it one of our favorites when it comes to finding the perfect guest styling. Dresses are the most demanded garment thanks to their versatility and comfort, since you only have to think about what accessories to combine them with. At Coosy we can find trendy long, midi and short models thanks to their colours, details and cuts. Perfect options to succeed and become the most elegant guest.

Zohar purple dress 1

Lilac midi dress with maxi ruffled sleeves and a V-neckline. Its price is 195 euros.

Biancagreen dress 1

Gathered midi dress in aqua green. Its price is 150 euros.

Claudiagreen dress

Two-tone midi dress with a straight silhouette in green and an asymmetrical neckline with navy blue ruffle detail. Its price is 150 euros.

Alicia Red Party Dress

Two-tone dress in pale pink and coral with a full midi skirt. Its price is 155 euros.

Adalisred dress

Wrap dress, maxi blazer style, flower print. Its price is 139 euros.

Uxuegolden dress

Long champagne gold dress with marked shoulder pads. Its price is 139 euros.

Calista bougainvillea dress

Fuchsia dress with orange bow detail. Its price is 139 euros.

Golden Green Dress

Green midi dress with short puffed sleeves. Its price is 230 euros.

Ursinayellow dress

Greek-inspired yellow maxi dress with an asymmetrical neckline. Its price is 179 euros.

Vaviamarine dress

Two-tone dress in navy blue with maxi bow detail in white, asymmetrical neckline and straight silhouette. Its price is 139 euros.

Kimono Feliciablack

Black and white polka dot print midi dress. Its price is 150 euros. Photos | Cozy

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