Claudia Osborne, following in her father’s footsteps, makes the leap to television as an interviewer

My house is yours Bertín Osborne

Claudia Osborne, Bertín’s youngest daughter, joins the new season of ‘Mi casa es la tuya’ to take on the role that Fabiola Martínez once had

Claudia Osborne has something to celebrate beyond her pregnancy. Bertín Osborne’s little daughter premieres project on television… By the hand of his father! Claudia, who is going through a great personal moment waiting for the arrival of Micaela, her first daughter with José Entrecanales, also has reasons to smile professionally. The young woman joins the program ‘My house is yours‘, which this Monday premieres a new season on Telecinco. As stated in the press release in which Mediaset tells the details of this new stage of the talk show presented by Bertín Osborne, Claudia becomes part of the program’s team and, in some way, will replace Fabiola Martinez. The mission what are you going to have Claudia Osborne in ‘My house is yours’ is the interviewer. While Bertín Osborne will be in charge of speaking with the protagonists of each delivery, as he will do tomorrow with Ana Obregón, his daughter will be the one to sit down with some of the family and friends of the main guests to interview them and learn different anecdotes. A job that was previously done by Fabiola Martínez, Bertín’s ex-wife. According to Mediaset’s writing, Claudia Osborne will be in some of the deliveriesso at the moment it is unknown if it will be this Monday night or in a later broadcast when it opens.GTRES Bertín Osborne has already reacted to the incorporation of his young daughter to the team, and has been delighted. “I am excited to work with my daughter Claudia, I have even been surprised by how well she performs in front of the cameras”, has said about her and about how much she has been surprised by how well she is given this new facet. In this way, the presenter once again has one of his daughters in a work project. Alejandra Osborne, the oldest, has worked with him on numerous occasions on different projects. Although in his case he has preferred to do it behind the scenes.Furthermore, the fact that Claudia Osborne shares a program with Bertín shows the good relationship that exists between them. Despite the confessions that the young woman made in the Christmas special of ‘My house is yours’ in which he was interviewed by Toñi Moreno and in which Claudia spoke about her childhood, they have always defended that they get along wonderfully . And the best way to prove it is by forming a great team in the new season of the show.

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