Christian Gálvez talks about his plans to be a father, with a hint to Patricia Pardo?

Famous couples Christian Gálvez

Christian Gálvez, in his congratulations to his father for Father’s Day, has left an open door to his fatherhood. What will Patricia Pardo think?

Christian Galvez has become in the great protagonist of the last weeks for his separation from Almudena Cidand his courtship with Patricia Pardo. When it seemed that everything was calm in the presenter’s life, the revolution has been maximum in the sentimental plot. And if something has characterized Christian in these weeks, it is the fact of having stepped forward and not hiding his love for his partner. He has made declarations of love to her and they have walked together and hand in hand without caring about the cameras. And now there has been a gesture that could also be understood as a hint to his current girlfriend and the future plans he would like to carry out with her. Christian Gálvez has made a post on Instagram dedicated to his father on the occasion of Father’s Day. Dad. The presenter has accompanied the photograph in which he appears with one of his references in his life with a text with which he expresses his love and admiration for him. And it has been at the end of his words where he has drawn attention to a phrase with which he leaves the doors open to being a father. “If ever I am a father, hopefully it will be for my sonAt least half of what you mean to me”, have been the words with which he does not at all rule out fulfilling this dream that he has spoken of so many times. How will Patricia Pardo take it?Christian Gálvez’s congratulations to his father. Instagram @galvezchristian While the presenter is already the mother of two daughters from her previous relationship, Christian Gálvez has not been released in fatherhood. The presenter has acknowledged on more than one occasion that he would love to be a father, something that Almudena Cid did not quite see clearly because he was not there at the time. The ex-partner was clear that they were going to call her children Leonardo and Olimpia if they had had them, but they did not agree that it was time to step forward.

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