Chris Barnett Defeated Jake Collier In The UFC 279: Here Are Some Family Facts About The Mixed Martial Artist

Chris Barnett is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who currently competes within the Heavyweight division of the UFC. The year 2009 was the time he became a professional and was primarily fighting during the Xtreme Fighting Championships.

Barnett earned a bachelor’s degree in wrestling and was awarded an award at Campbellsville in the same city where he attended school. After winning an event in dance and demonstrating how skilled he was and was invited to test the mixed martial art.

This MMA fighter is devastated that 2022 didn’t go as planned for him since his wife, who was his loved one, died earlier in the year.

Chris Barnett’s wife had been ill with encephalitis, as per UFC

On UFC Fight Night 206 on April 16, 2022, Chris Barnett fought Martin Buday. After an unintentional elbow into the side of the head, which forced Barnett into the fight during the third round the judges in a unanimous technical ruling denied Chris Barnett.

During the entire time, Buday was at the camp for training, his wife was ill with encephalitis. She passed away in May.

UFC 279 results, highlights: Chris Barnett rallies to TKO Jake Collier in heavyweight slugfest -

The brain’s tissues are active. It may be caused by an auto-immune reaction or an infection as per The disease causes the brain to expand, which can trigger headaches, seizures stiff neck, pain in the neck, light sensitivity, and confusion in the mind.

Chris stated that he didn’t be aware of the fact that his wife was killed in the show Just Scrap Radio on He received a call 30 hours before his Buday fight and informed him that he needed to pick up.

He also stated that she was okay when the camp ended, but it’s coming up. Barnett thought it wasn’t an event with all that happening.

On February 8, Barnett’s wife was admitted to the hospital. After three months of treatment, Barnett had passed away too early and left her husband and her children behind.

Chris Barnett added that he did not think about his strategy for attack or fight in any way as the battle was taking place. Instead, when he was inside the Octagon the thought of his family, wife, and the way his children felt.

Chris Barnett was raised in Spain and Georgia

Chris Barnett was born on June 14, 1986, in Zaragoza, Spain, to a family of taekwondo enthusiasts.

When Chris was just four years old, the family relocated to his home in the United States. Following a couple of moves, they finally settled in Georgia.

His father and mother both have black belts in Taekwondo. He began his training in MMA at the age of five years old.

No justice for Beast Boy! Chris Barnett suspended, fined for marijuana use | Asian MMA

Barnett stated on The MMA Hour in November 2021 that his mom yelled at him following his fight in UFC 268.

The UFC champion claimed that after he returned home, his mother yelled at him.

Chris’s father has recently suffered a stroke. He is now unable to travel or speak like he used to. This makes it difficult for him to convince Barnett to stand up for his battle. He would keep saying his thoughts about how Barnett was finishing.

Chris has said of his father, “He’s still one of my biggest critics, which is great because he was mad at me when I put my hand down for the spinning hook kick.”

Pro MMA heavyweight fighter Chris Barnett’s net worth is estimated to be in 2022 after his major victory

As a professional heavyweight MMA fighter, Chris Barnett is expected to be worth a net of $2 million in 2022. In his short time, Barnett has been a winner of several major tournaments.

At the beginning of the course of his life, he was fighting his first fights in the Inoki Genome Federation, the Rizin Fighting Federation as well as the Road Fighting Championship.

On the 22nd of May in 2021, The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) requested him to stand in for Askar Mozharov to face Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night 188. It was almost twelve years since the last time they fought.

Gian Villante’s last fight took place during UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden on the 6th of November 2021. He took on Gian Villante and was victorious with spinning punches, and wheel kicks at the end of the round.

After the win, Chris (5ft 9in) received a prize for the most impressive performance of the night.

In an event that was a warm-up to UFC 279 on September 10, 2022, he defeated Jake Collier by TKO in the second round, after taking many blows during the opening round.

The come back of the year!" - Fighters and fans express shock and awe at Chris Barnett's incredible comeback KO to open UFC 279 prelims

He is now 23-8 in his professional record and 2-2 in UFC. In UFC 268, he beat Giant Villante with a spinning wheel kick that knocked him down. This was an instant win for his UFC crowd.

After his fight stated, “Thank you for the love and all the other things. This is extremely important for me. Sincerely, from my heart, love you all.”


Barnett was born in Zaragoza, Spain, where his US Air Force captain father was stationed.

At the age of around four years old, their family relocated to the United States. After a time in various places before settling in Georgia. Their parents both hold Black Belts from Taekwondo and he began studying martial arts at just 5 years old. Barnett earned his bachelor’s qualification in the field of education from Campbellsville University and the University of South Florida. Barnett attended Campbellsville on an athletic scholarship and began training in Judo. After demonstrating his moves during an impromptu dance contest, Barnett was asked to test his hand at Mixed martial arts. Barnett began training immediately.

Start of a job

Chris Barnett began professional fights in 2009, mostly at the Xtreme Fighting Championships, where Barnett went 5-0 and had four knockouts during his first six fights.

He also fought in various famous Japanese groups, like his Rizin Fighting Federation as well as the Road Fighting Championship, and the Inoki Genome Federation.

 Chris Barnett Final Fight Championship

Chris Barnett finally received a message from UFC in the past 12 months and asked him to take over for Askar Mozharov in the fight against Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night 188 on May 22nd, 2021. Barnett gave up in the second round and ultimately lost the fight.

On September 20, 2021, it was revealed that Barnett was positive for marijuana following the first UFC fight. Barnett was banned for 4.5 months and was not allowed to fight until October 6th, 2021.

His next match was with Gian Villante during Villante’s retirement fight in UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden on the 6th of November 2021.

He was victorious by kicking a spinning wheel and punches in the 2nd round. He was awarded a bonus for the most impressive fight of the evening as the fight took the fight.

Barnett’s next fight was with Martin Buday on April 16 2022 on UFC Fight Night 206. Barnett lost the fight in a technical decision that was unanimous because an unintentional elbow on the side of his skull in round three knocked him down.

Chris Barnett’s last fight was with Jake Collier on September 10 2022 during UFC 279, which was UFC 279. Chris Barnett was weighing in at 267.5 pounds that’s 1.5 pounds more than the weight limit in a title heavyweight match. Barnett was penalized 20% of the money he earned which will be given to Collier whom the fight was against. After the initial round, Barnett fell and was slammed with the floor and pounded. But he was able to get up and took the fight with a TKO in the second round.

Chris Barnett may be the most unassuming heavyweight on the planet, even though Chris Barnett is an adult dressed as an adorable Teddy bear.

Physically, the guy who is known as “Huggy Bear” is the opposite of what the majority of people imagine when they imagine the term MMA fighter. There aren’t incredibly slim bodies, angry walkouts, or outrageous remarks before the fight.

Chris Barnett is precisely what you’re seeing Barnett is a huge guy (5’9″ 295 pounds) with a bigger smile.

Barnett is among the very few athletes in a time of this sport that understands that different doesn’t mean always a bad thing.

It’s somewhat frightening for others to see the man they’re going to fight and smile as he dances in the ring as Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” plays in the background.

However, Barnett is often seen as refreshing air by his followers.

Barnett told a reporter in a phone interview that “It’s almost like you have to have a character or you’re just another fighter.” “There are many fighters. Some are passionate about the fight, while some fight for the sake of getting money. I am a huge fan of entertainment. That’s all I need to say. Thanks to my fans, particularly in Japan I can win fights. It’s almost like saying that they love the fact that you are who you are. If I wear the bear suit or dance or whatever else, I’m being me.

“Later the same night you’ll see me performing the same dance moves in the ring of the club. I am aware that these folks have paid to attend my show. So why wouldn’t I present a show to them? What’s the quote from the film? Are you not enjoying yourself Are you bored? Although Eric Prindle beat me, I still danced and performed other things to entertain the crowd. If I was there, I’d like to watch the show. I’m here to see a performance, therefore, please put on a show.”

Who wouldn’t love the super heavyweight performing handstands, flying knees spinning heel kicks, and superman-style punches?

Don’t fall for the attire and the happy music playing at the door. Chris Barnett is an experienced fighter who can execute some impressive moves for a man of his size. His strikes and footwork are effortless and appear as if they aren’t that hard to master. In the world of fights, the best method to be successful is to possess an enjoyable way of fighting and to have a pleasant appearance.

However, Chris Barnett hasn’t demonstrated his abilities on the big stage until now.

As of now his weight and long absence are the two main challenges in his professional career. Chris Barnett claims that the second incident was caused by an encounter against Xtreme Fighting Championship.

He claimed that the organization had stopped giving him fights as a result of his agreement, he was unable to keep fighting and earning money through anyway.

“At the time, that promoter wanted to make a point,” Barnett stated. “At the time, XFC was making quite a stir and was being broadcast airtime on AXS TV. There were young fighters who were looking to fight outside of the organization since he was not staging fights. My point was when you’re not living to the terms of the bargain and I’m not satisfied, shouldn’t I have the right to quit? It was a disaster.

“I still receive text messages from them saying, “Oh we’ll never see you fight in this arena, and I’ll contact this promoter to tell him to never do this again. ‘” It just sucked. I joined them in the beginning as a newbie and am happy to be a member of something. My first thought was, “Oh, there’s no way they’ll be able to profit from me. They’re fond of me. I wasn’t right.


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