China puts up fences at Shanghai apartment entrances to enforce confinement

The government has imposed harsh restrictions on the city of 26 million people.

Beijing applies its zero tolerance policy against covid-19

The plan divides the closure into two phases for 10 days

The Chinese city of Shanghai, with 26 million inhabitants, is experiencing a harsh confinement imposed five days ago to try to stop the rebound in coronavirus infections. To control the harsh restrictions, with its zero tolerance policy against covid-19, the Chinese authorities have opted for drastic measures: fencing off the entrances to blocks of flats. Kilometers of fences have been placed in record time. Last Sunday, a ten-day staggered closure was declared that would be carried out in two phases. On In the first place, the confinement was imposed in the eastern part of the city, east of the river Huangpuen. This confinement should be maintained from Monday to Friday. TO As of this Friday, the closure affects the other bank of the river that divides the city. It will remain until April 5. But in addition, the authorities have decided to extend the measures in the eastern zone. There, a person who lives in a building in which there is a positive, must remain in quarantine for another 10 days. More than two years after the start of the pandemic, these measures make a dent among the inhabitants. “Let us out!”, they cried out in a video broadcast on social networks the residents of a residential complex in that Chinese city. All residents must remain in their homes during the period indicated by the authorities. They are only allowed to order food at homebut the delivery men are only allowed access to the gate of the urbanizations.

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