Chimera Episode 13 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, And Where To Watch


Chimera is a South Korean television drama series that is based on the action-thriller and the serial murder case known as the Chimera case. Furthermore, keep reading this article to know more about Chimera Episode 13 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, And Where To Watch.

Chimera series starts before in 1984 when an explosion took place by the serial killer which severely shock the city. After coming back in 2019, the same cases of crime copies come into a highlight. So, a team was set up consisting of Detective Jae Hwan, Surgeon Dr. Joong Yeob, and Profiler Yoo Jin. These three people were given to solve the past and the current case. All the story of the prime suspect goes by ‘Chimera’. It means the devil in Greek mythology. Mainly it consists of the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a fire-breathing serpent.

Chimera Episode 13 Recap

Before heading to Chimera Episode 13, let’s recap the previous episode of the drama.

In the previous episode, Jae Hwan listen to his mon call him Hyun Tae for timing, he got some shock. After taking up to the hospital, Joong Yeop told him that she is feeling delirious, it might be an accident that she has in the past. There could be the death of officer Han because both are very close to each other. Jae Hwan asked for a favor so that he could save his mother. Then, Jae Hwan went to see Hyun Tae and asked some questions from off-the-records.

Jae Hwan head towards the research of the TH-5 and told them if they knew Ryu Sung Hee and her whereabouts. He found out that he is not close with Sung Hee. Hyun Tae suddenly change the topic and called the case the old. But Jae Hwan tells him that the case of Chimera culprit is not arrested yet and we all have to find it. The case can’t be finished. After getting done with so many works in a less period of time. Jae Hwan brings back his mother to the hospital.

Chimera Episode 13 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, And Where To Watch

On a way, they ran into Seo Hyun Tae and Hwa Jung who were in the test. By looking at Hyun Tae, his memories are coming back and whatever happens in past is clear in both of their minds. Along with Sung Hee, Park In Sang is in the chemical fire and he is not trying to kill her. As Jae Hwan recalls her back into reality, he introduces her to Hyun Tae. As she stared at him Hyun Tae sees her with pure disbelief.

Spoiler of Chimera Episode 13

Chimera Episode 13 gives you a slite spoiler about the drama. Till now fans are getting to know that Jae Hwan is Eun Soo’s son who can be the Ryu Sung Hee her son which he is looking for. Chief Bae and Pil Do are keeping a check on Jae Hwan. And Hyun Tae is getting as much information about him. Joong Yeop is getting attacked by the people so it might happen she will return to the UK. It is a very interesting plot and fans are liking all the conspicuous that is going on in this drama.

 Where To Watch Chimera Episode 13

Chimera Episode 13 will be going to stream the official website OCN, Rakuten, and Viki. The IMDb rating of the show is 8.1/10. It is now coming to an end with more than three episodes. It is very a suspense story and every Saturday and Sunday a new episode will be aired.

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Chimera Episode 13 Release Date

Chimera Episode 13 will be going to release on 11 December 2021. This series is consists of 16 episodes and each and every episode runtime is 60 minutes. This mysterious drama is directed by well-known director  Kim Do Hoon and written by Lee Jin Mae. For those who are going to watch the show, below there is an official trailer. And do not forget to stay tuned with us for further updates.


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