Chimera Episode 10: Release Date, Where To Watch Online


Chimera is a popular South Korean drama television series that is based on the thriller- mysterious drama known as the Chimera case. Keep reading this article to know more about Chimera Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch Online.

In 1984, a talented serial killer attack again as a terrible explosion shook the city. However, in 2019 again the case reopens and the copies of that crime come to highlight. Follow the team of Detective Jae Hwan, Profiler Yoo Jin, and Surgeon Dr. Joong Yeob. This team is assigned to solve the case. Their main suspect goes by Chimera. To capture the criminal they must have to uncover all the secrets that link the two cases like thirty-five years apart. This drama is directed by well-known director Kim Do-Hoon and written by Lee Jin-Mae. let’s move ahead in this article.

Spoilers Of Chimera Episode 10

Spoilers Of Chimera Episode 10 brings out the new character in the show. And the case is making fan’s eyes fixed to their TV screens. Till now, we have seen Jae Hwan asking Eugene why did she join the team when she is so busy. She told him that the case is enjoyable for her. So when Chimera is captured in her house. She becomes a therapist and started to profile him. Eugene has been a more mysterious woman than Lee Joong Yeop. As she has told Jae Hwan that she doesn’t believe anymore and has no plan for the further.

Chimera Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch Online

Finally, Joong Yeop and Jae Hwan are working together as a team. But things become more complicated and interesting. When Joog Yeop came to the hospital to meet Yong Bok, he apologize to him. On the way back, he hurriedly went to see Jae Hwan and told him that he couldn’t find anything about Sang Woo’s son. He also told him that he went to investigate Lee Sang Woo’s family register and found out that his wife died in the same year. On the same day their son, Tae Young was transferred to an orphanage. Later on, they find out that he died of pneumonia.

Chimera Episode 10: Release Date

Chimera Episode 10 will be going to release on 27 November 2021. Further, in this series, we know that Hyo Kyung has declared an official warning from the chimera company. Before, when Hyo Kyung went on dinner with Young Joon there Jong-Woo from the Seoryeon joined the group. He told her that some people are creating a disturbance in the company and Jong-Woo is the head of the planning department of the company. She is determined and wants to stick to the end to solve the case. Jong-Woo went on the call and Hyo Kyung leave and went to find evidence.

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Where To Watch Online Chimera Episode 10

Chimera Episode 10 will be officially available on websites like Rakuten Viki and Viu. The episode will be released at 10 pm KST.  The original network of the shown is OCN and there you can watch all the episodes. The drama consist of 16 episodes and each episode’s runtime is 60 minutes. Every Saturday and Sunday you will get a new release of upcoming episodes. The IMDb rating of the show till now is 8.1/10 which is pretty good. For fans who love mystery and thriller drama, this show is good for you. Watch the trailer below and stay tuned with us for further details.


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