Changes in the FanKDramas Staff

As the fundamental part for the existence of this blog, I think it is necessary to let you know about a big change that we are having in the Staff of editors of this blog.

Adrian, Due to his responsibilities and needs, he has decided to stop writing on the blog. She will continue to support us in the technical part and will be available for any comments or doubts about a drama that she did see and those of us who continue, did not. Those of us who remain here will continue with the content that they already know and that we appreciate reading, always trying not to lose our style and that our notes continue to be of interest to her. Please bear with me as I personally am not a fan of syrupy romance dramas, well you will realize that there are not many that are produced with that theme at the center, but there are still. We will strive to bring you that content, still drawing on other opinions to keep track of details that I may miss due to my low preference for the genre, I will work to improve what I lack. So much Katy What naledi and me, Veronica, we will do our best so that the content and your preference are maintained. Do not forget that we are still looking for writers, even when they are not permanent, because we have our preferences in genres and there are several that we simply do not follow, the blog would be enriched if someone else is encouraged to collaborate. Thanks for your preference!!

Veronica Troncoso

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