Carol Kennedy Murder Update: Where is Steven DeMocker Today?

There are hundreds and thousands of murder mysteries that are collecting dust in the police custody and courtrooms waiting to be solved and dismissed. In 2008, Carol Kennedy Murder took place. The case underwent so many twists, trials, and tribulations but eventually did get its much-awaited closure. Carol Kennedy’s murder mystery is still one of the most horrific and frightening murder mysteries to date. 

Steven DeMocker, a Stockbroker based in Arizona was found guilty of the first-degree murder of her ex-wife Carol Kennedy. Read the full article to know full-fledged information about this brutal murder and the whereabouts of Steven DeMocker, the culprit of this heinous crime.

What Happened in 2008?

It seemed like a normal evening of July 2008 for Carol as she came back from a run to her Prescott, Arizona home. She came back home and called her mom Ruth to have a conversation. In the investigation, Carol’s mom Ruth claimed that the call got disconnected after she heard her daughter say ‘Oh No’. After getting no response from Carol for some time, Ruth called the police authorities in worry. 

Police officials found Carol lying in a crimson pool of blood. They discovered brutal injuries on her skull, head and countless wounds on her forearm possibly caused in defense. It doesn’t take much time for police to narrow down their suspect list. Police authorities arrested Carol Ex- husband Steven DeMocker.

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Who were the suspects in Carol Kennedy’s Murder?

Carol kennedy

As police started digging into the history of Carol Kennedy, their focus went in the direction of the then partner of Carol named Jim Knapp. However, it was of no use as Jim was spending time with his son. Later authorities got the chapter of Jim out of the case as he killed himself five or six months after for some unknown reasons. Now, the whole attention of officers was on their Ex-husband of Carol, Steven DeMocker. This speculation got more concrete as Steven was found near Carol’s house that evening. 

Moreover, he went missing for five hours around the same time, Carol was brutally killed according to his phone records.


Carol Kennedy

All the evidence was screaming that Steven DeMocker is the culprit of this murder. It was found that the main motive behind this murder was to free himself from giving his ex-wife Carol Kennedy alimony of $6K per month. On top of that, Steven was about to get money from life insurance of Carol which deems as one of the motives. Carol and Kennedy filed for divorce and the court ordered Steven DeMocker to pay $6K per month. To avoid giving alimony to his ex-wife Carol he murdered her. Further Steven DeMocker murdered Carol to grab her life insurance money. This shows how greedy he was.

It was found that Carol was cudgeled from a Golf club. Not so coincidentally, Steven had a Golf club at his house of which one was missing. This confirms what murder weapon was used. Third, he had scratches and marks on his body that become yet another crucial evidence. Lastly, Steven’s Google searches were also eccentric and screamed evidence. He searched for techniques to kill someone and make it look like a suicide.

What Happened to Steven DeMocker and Where is He Now?

Carol Kennedy
Source- MSNBC

After five years of trial, in October 2013, Steven DeMocker was found guilty of the murder charges. He was also charged with First-degree murder, an attempt of erasing the physical evidence, and others. However, he has not accepted the murder charges and still denies killing her ex-wife Carol Kennedy. This shows how cold hearted Steven De Mocker. He killed his ex-wife to avoid giving her alimony money and to grab her life insurance money. After court find him guilty for murdering Carol Kennedy he was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole. Court made sure that he will not be out of prison that why his parole application was rejected many times.  Steven is currently serving his punishment at Arizona State Prison Complex. Our condolences is with Carol’s parents as they lost their daughter. May her soul rest in peace. 

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