Carme Chaparro is honest about the disease she suffers from her skin

Will Smith’s controversy at the Oscars has led to several familiar faces who have wanted to step forward and be honest about the ailments they suffer from their skin. If first it was Fabiola Martínez who was honest about alopecia, now it has been Carme Chaparro who has spoken openly about the disease that appears on the skin. “It is not known what causes it,” she explained. “This that you see is a skin disease. It is not known what causes it, but when I have an outbreak my hands fill with this kind of eczema”. Carme Chaparro has wanted to put on the table the ailment that she suffers from her skin and that she shares with many other people. “They are painful, especially if they rub against something. Sometimes the outbreak has to do with stress, other times, with something that I have touched, but it is not known exactly.” “There is no cure, only ointments to try to make the outbreak go away quickly. It only affects my hands, and only once or twice a year, but there are people who suffer from other parts of the body that are much more visible and annoying, and who can sometimes feel stigmatized”, explains the presenter. Quickly, Chaparro received numerous messages on her Instagram account applauding her gesture and sharing her own experiences.Carme Chaparro is honest about the disease she suffers from her skin Instagram @carmechaparro

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