Carla Barber gives all the details of the delivery of her son Bastian with complications included

Famous mothers Carla Barber

Carla Barber, still in pain, has shared with her followers how was the delivery of her son Bastian and has also told other details about her baby

Carla Barber is experiencing the most special moment of her life. Last Monday she became a mother. After months sharing with her followers how her pregnancy has gone, she finally welcomed the hitherto known as ‘little B’ and whose name she finally revealed when presenting it. Bastian, which is how Carla has decided to call her first child, is now the center of the doctor. And today she wanted to share what the moment of giving birth was like. The one who was Miss Spain she has told that the baby had to be delivered by caesarean section due to a complication.Carla Barber has reported that “Our little one came into the world by caesarean section, he had several turns of cord around his neck.” So the doctors decided that he should be born this way instead of doing it naturally. Fortunately, everything went well and the doctor wanted to thank the medical team that treated her for their professionalism. And she has remembered excited how “feeling him, listening to him and seeing him as soon as he left was an indescribable sensation that I will never forget”.Carla Barber after giving birth to her son. Instagram @ dr.carlabarber Carla Barber has given other details of the delivery of her son Bastian. The doctor has revealed that it was her sister who accompanied him in the parity, something that comforted him a lot. About her baby, she said that “he weighed 2,850 grams and measured 51 centimeters.” What he has not revealed for now is when they will return home, but he has assured that “we will be able to leave very soon”. For now, she has said that she is in pain but that she is recovering little by little. And he has highlighted that Bastian eats very well and that he hardly cries at all.Carla BarberCarla Barber tells how she is. Instagram @ dr.carlabarber she She has told all this in an Instagram post in which she has shared images of the most special moment of her life. The moment in which her sister takes the baby in her arms after birth, when she already has her son in her arms or how they dressed for the first time to the little one are some of the moments that he wanted his followers to see, whom he has thanked for their support and affection these days.

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