card captor sakura

card captor sakura

Nostalgia always comes back. This is the conclusion many people have come to after the new revival they are having many works in recent years. One of the greatest exponents of the first great golden age of manga and anime in Spain is, without a doubt, card captor sakura. Something you have used Editorial Standard to relaunch this beloved work with new covers and lots of gold glitter.
© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / KODANSHA Ltd. Plot Sakura Kinomoto is a fifth grade student. One day, she finds in her home library an old volume called The Clow Book. When she opens it, she will see a creature called Kerberos, nicknamed Keros, presenting himself as the guardian of the Clow cards that were inside and have disappeared. At that moment, Sakura acquires magical powers granted to gather the cards again. She, along with Keros and her friend Tomoyo, will face the challenge of making each card return to its place and not cause havoc in the city.
A history already consolidated in time. A story already consolidated over time The story of Sakura Kinomoto is extremely well known in Spain thanks to previous editions that the work had, as well as the broadcast of the anime on open television back in the 90s. However, there are people who did not live that success of the work of CLAMP, as is my case. That is why I decided to delve into it through the manga, because it is the original work and without filler. This first volume tells many personal stuff of the protagonists at the same time that the plot begins to be created. Sakura finds a book that was supposed to contain letters, but they have disappeared.
© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / KODANSHA Ltd. As he investigates “paranormal” things that happen, he realizes that there is always a card behind to deal with. The CLAMPs know how to alternate plot, events and relationships between characters, as well as their concerns and past. Although it is the first volume, you already get the idea of ​​the profile of the main characters, although of course, it remains to develop them further. The history is simplealthough it is told in such an entertaining way, that hooks up while loving it. The battles they are not extensivebut the design section does become more powerful, because the dresses and movements of the characters are very well detailed. As for the characters on the cards, I find them fascinating. Ya Keros says that there are several types, that not all of them are so good and that several will be difficult to catch. Come on, that the work already shows that it is going to have a potential in the following installments. I’ve never seen or read anything about Cardcaptor Sakura before and with this first volume, I’m totally into the story. Comparisons are hateful, but it is inevitable to compare the work with previous and later sleeves of the quartet. In my case, I have been able to read other CLAMP works and, in many of them, they have a characteristic element that defines them. They are works that they look cuckoobut they have a tragic/nostalgic component very complex. Some even make you give some return to ideas that arise within the argument, such as the issue of ethics in Rex the little dinosauror technology and affective relationships in Chobits. Of course, there are others that are simply adaptations or to pass the time, such as The queen of the snow either Chunyan, the new legend.
© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / KODANSHA Ltd. Without a doubt, with Cardcaptor Sakura, at least with this first volume, the story is hooked despite having several cliches. How the characters and the relationships between them (good and bad) are transmitted are the perfect component to lead the way to a success already achieved, being one of the most popular titles that is not lacking in the shelves of many manga fans. An already consolidated success that, to this day, continues to be of interest to new generations. Characters
Sakura Kinomoto It is the main soul of the work. She has a very cheerful personality and is very friendly with her friends. Despite that façade of a giggly girl and a little similar to Bunny Tsukino, hides a girl still pained by the death of her mother. Despite the fact that she lost it when she was only 3 years old and hardly even remembers her, many times she immerses herself in a energy of loneliness and sadness not having her with her. As for the relationship that she has with her father, it is quite good, being understanding and helping him where he can. As for the relationship with his brother Toya, they are always itching and bothering each other, but in the small details is where you can see that they care for each other and if something happens, they will be there for each other. sakura is secretly in love from Yue, her brother’s best friend, who always treats her well and cares about her.
Kerochan he is the keeper of the book The Clow. He is woken up by Sakura and decides to be her companion by helping her and giving her advice to defeat the characters on the cards. He has a bit of a character surlybut it makes you want.
Tomoyo Daidoji She is Sakura’s best friend. She takes care of doing all the dresses and accessories to Sakura for each fight, drawing inspiration from the card she must hunt. In addition, she records it on video so that any detail is recorded and also to promote her designs in the future. Her mother is an important businesswoman who she’s always busy. In this first volume it is revealed that his and Sakura’s mother were cousins. Also, he has an open war with Sakura’s father.
Fujitaka Kinomoto He is Sakura’s father. He is about a man who cares about his children without being overprotective. In this first volume, he is a character that appears occasionally, although in the end he does become relevant by explaining a little more about him and his deceased Nadeshiko, as well as the hatred that Tomoyo’s mother professes towards him.
© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / KODANSHA Ltd.
Nadeshiko Kinomoto She is Sakura’s mother. She was a brilliant student and model in her high school years. She fell in love with her teacher, Fujitaka, whom she married. She had Toya and Sakura. He died when the latter was only 2 years old. Nadeshiko is also Tomoyo’s mother’s cousin. She was protecting her from every man and she was always against her marriage with her teacher, because she felt that she “took her away”. The animated series, a success in the 2000s The work has an animated adaptation created by MadHouse and directed by Morio Asaka. It premiered in Japan in April 1998, ending in March 2000 with 70 episodes. In Spain it could be seen in the early 2000s on Canal Sur, Veo Televisión or K3 Kitz. In addition, in August 1999 the first film was released, entitled as no Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie, placing his story between the first and second seasons of the anime. A second tape was released in July 2000, entitled Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2, The Sealed Card. Both could be bought at the time on DVD thanks to the edition he made Jonu Media. And the sequel came Cardcaptor Sakura has a sequel manga, titled Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Hen which continues the story. This began to be published in 2016 in Japan and has 12 volumes to date. In Spain, Norma Editorial is editing it. On the other hand, Select Vision He released this series on both DVD and BD collector for the most nostalgic. Design The design of the characters is totally nineties: Large, illuminated and detailed eyes, as well as the dresses Sakura wears during battles. These are a whole array of originality and pomposity. Come on, many readers would like to have many of them in their closet. Each vignette shows that it is perfectly cared for with love, as they are appreciated many details in the characters, especially in the hair of the girls. Funds are most pretty simple or non-existent, making the attention fall exclusively on the protagonists. A note: the attacks and fighting effects in battles are brutal. The most famous quartet of Japanese authors Any manga fan has heard of CLAMPs, for better or worse. It is about a quartet of Japanese women called Mokona, Nannase Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekōi Y Satsuki Igarashi. The four of them began their manga careers as amateurs in high school. Her first works were doujinshi that, years later, would be published within a collection called CLAMP Books.
© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / KODANSHA Ltd. The genre they usually play is fantasy and science fiction sprinkled with romance. Within his works you can find several with more adult and mature themesuch as Chobits or Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. However, they also have sleeves that are lighter and perhaps less understated, such as Angelic Layer or Rex, the little dinosaur. Also, they have works of different sizesbeing the majority of less than 10 volumes, although they also have some that exceed them, such as the aforementioned Tsubasa, with 28 volumes or XXX Holics with 19. Such has been and is the success of the quartet in Japan, that several of their stories have an animated adaptation. And each of them has reaped a relevant success. In Spain, they could be seen thanks to channels like Buzz and even buy physical editions like those of Chobits, XXX Holic or X thanks again to Jonu Media. Edition The edition published by Norma Editorial is a little thicker than the one published by Glénat, an old publishing house that first had the publishing rights in Spain. This was published in 12 volumes, and Norma has already released 10. It is a very careful edition, with a lovely cover and with golden glitter. Each tome seems esummon a clow card by the frame that they carry bordering the illustrations of the main characters. I have to say that these illustrations are beautiful, with pastel and bright colorsas well as a multitude of details in the design. So many, that you have to spend a good time looking at each one of them. And if having gold glitter on the cover was not enough for you, you also have it on the spine- Without a doubt, a success. An edition that this work deserved. On the back is the summoning circle that comes out in the work, also very detailed. Volume 1 has a total of 256 pages, 1 of them in color. Count with one format 13 x 18.2 cm and is priced at €9.95.
© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / KODANSHA Ltd. Conclusion This first volume is a perfect introduction to the work. It is not only an introduction of the characters, but already start the plot and tells several things about the relationships between the protagonists and their tragic pasts. Despite the elements already seen in other works, the story is striking and hooks up. This first volume begins lay the groundwork of elements that CLAMPs use. The designs are 90s classics, very nice, detailed and very hallmark of the quartet. As for the edition, it is true that it only contains 1 color page, but in return, it is quite thicksince it is a special edition.
The best:

The story is quite enjoyable. The pacing of the story is pretty good. Slowly but surely. The character design is beautiful. Dresses and battles are highly detailed. There are only 9 volumes and they have a beautiful cover!


It doesn’t tell anything new. It’s more childish than other CLAMP works. It has a lot of clichés from other genres.

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