CALL FOR GROUP PARTICIPATION FPA Paris Fashion Week II 09/27/2022-10/04/2022

Within the framework of the 2022 Sector Plan approved by ICEX Spain Export and Investment, we inform you that the call for the grouped participation of Spanish companies in the FPA Paris Fashion Week II to be held in Paris from September 27 to October 4, 2022.
Deadline to apply for this aid: August 31, 2022.
Maximum aid amount: 60,000 euros.

To apply for this aid, it is necessary to send Completed, signed and stamped the APPLICATION (attached file at the bottom of the page), which must include the real figure (or as close as possible) of: The cost of renting the space. The cost of decorating the stand. The cost of transporting the collections (not including VAT). To be able to access these aids it is also necessary fill out, sign and stamp ANNEX I (file attached at the bottom of the page). Companies that participate for the first time will receive a maximum of up to 30% of expenses eligible for support, while companies that participate between its second and fifth edition with the help of ICEX will receive a maximum of up to 25%. For ICEX aid management, the Spanish Fashion Creators Association will invoice 15% of the ICEX aid received to each participating company once the aid received from ICEX has been settled. This percentage will apply to all associated and non-associated companies. For more information and proceduressee the cfull summons (attached document). *Source: FEDECON.

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