Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Release Date, Spoilers & Preview


Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 is the latest installment in the Ongoing Martial Arts – Adventure Anime. Furthermore, Keep Reading to Find out about Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 224 Recap, Boruto Episode 225 Spoilers, Release Date & Watch Online.

The Anime is based on the Japanese Manga Series of the same name. Boruto-Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to Naruto. The story follows the exploits of Boruto, the son of Naruto Uzumaki. The main antagonist of the series is the Otsutsuki clan. Furthermore, The Otsutsuki are an ancient clan of celestial beings. As a parasitic species, the Otsutsuki have spent 1000s of years traversing the galaxy. Once they find a suitable planet, they consume the Life Energy and Genetic Material of its population to Evolve. However, Their ultimate goal is to become the most powerful being in the universe. Boruto becomes Momoshiki’s vessel, who is a member of the aforementioned Otstsuki clan. Becoming a vessel means the person gains Karma. Karma is a seal that is basically a backup file of their consciousness. Which allows them to resurrect into the host body prior to their death.

Furthermore, The Otsutsuki’s mission is to find someone with potential. And sacrifice them to bring forth the Devine Tree. The Otsutsu try to kidnap Naruto as their sacrifice. But change their minds when they see Boruto in Action. The villains being powerful celestial beings have proven to be quiet the opponent. However, For those who are new to the show. Or just wants to Refresh your memory. Read Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 224 Recap. After which you can read more about Boruto Episode 225

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Boruto - Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Release Date, Spoilers & Watch Online

Previously On Boruto-Naruto Next Generations

The Chunin exams are going on. Furthermore, The main focus is on the battle between Iwabe Yuino and Wasabi Izuno. Shinki arrives to watch the match because his father told him to do so. He is met with some light teasing by Yodo and Araya. As they are done with the Chunin exams already. Shiki notices Kawaki was there too and wonders why he was there. Wasabi launches a barrage of attacks on Yuino overwhelming him. However, Wasabi’s parents couldn’t be more proud of her and kept yelling in her favor. Her father says in his excitement that Wasabi will become the next Hokage. Iwabe hearing this expresses his protest. Wasabi makes it clear that becoming the Hokage is not her goal.

All Wasabi ever wanted was to become a Great Shinobi. However, The two argue a bit and things escalate. Iwabe drops his weapon and grabs Wasabi by her collar. Wasabi reminds him they are in the middle of an exam and to let her go. Which is met by teasing from Iwabe calling her a coward. Subsequently taunting her to use her power. It gets out of hand which made Konohamaru intervene. He told them to get back to business. Wasabi tells Iwabe that an Idiot like himself will never be the Hokage. With that, the episode came to a conclusion. Now that we have refreshed your memory, Read Boruto Episode 225 Spoilers to Learn what to expect from the latest episode.

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Boruto - Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Release Date, Spoilers & Watch Online

Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Spoilers

In the new episode, we will get to see the remainder of the fight between Iwabe and Wasabi. The fight may be a done deal for Iwabe because Wasabi has a secret weapon. Wasabi was given a Scroll that Holds the Legendary Cat. The Scroll is Kept secret in her family and has been handed down from generation through generation. The scroll will allow Wasabi to become possessed by the Legendary Cat. Furthermore, You don’t get the name Legendary Cat if you are Ordinary and that’s certain. If she uses the scroll she could win the match. But the question is will she? Wasabi made it clear she is not interested in being the Hokage. Her family insists she becomes one. She is anything but Loyal to her Family. And for them, she might decide to travel this route.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from Boruto Episode 225. Read Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Release Date to learn when you can watch the Episode.

Boruto Episode 225 Release Date

Boruto-Naruto Next Generations started Premiering on the 5th of April 2017. The new episodes are aired every Sunday. Furthermore, Boruto Episode 225 is scheduled to be released on the 21st of November 2021. The Season will have a Total of 18 Episodes of 25 Minutes each. The show has an IMDB rating of 7.1/10. The show has an excellent story and amazing visuals. Naruto is one of the most successful Anime to ever exist. Boruto will surely walk in the path of the one before him. Now that you know when to expect Boruto Episode 225, Read Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Watch Online to learn where you can stream the Episode.

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Boruto - Naruto Next Generations Episode 225 Release Date, Spoilers & Watch Online

Where to Stream Boruto Episode 225

The Shows International Fans need not fret. As popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Crunchyroll are Streaming the Episodes. And for those who don’t own a Subscription. However for those who are not comfortable with the Japanese Language. English Subtitles are available. Hope you found everything you were Looking For.

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