Read Boruto Naruto Chapter 59 Spoilers and Highlights

Boruto Naruto chapter 59 Release date

Boruto:Naruto chapter 59 is scheduled to release on 20th June, 2021 as the fandom is thrilled with it’s recent chapters and are sticking up to the updates to what would happen in the next chapter to come after they witnessed the defeat of Kawaki.

Boruto Naruto Chapter 59 spoilers!!

The Spoilers of Boruto:Naruto chapter 59 is not out yet as they usually drops a few days before the actual release date so we could expect the spoilers around 17th or 18th of June as we would be sure to update you as soon as we would get the news.

Boruto: Naruto chapter 59

Previous chapter explained

Boruto came forward on telling about the meds to Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki as he tries to convince them that there is no kind of harm in taking the meds. Kawaki then thinks and ask Boruto that if he has abandoned his plan that he made on inserting his Karma in he body of Code’s. Boruto then responded that he had no such intention and as he had no other choice than to just agree with this as they were not even assured to will it even work or go smoothly as they expect it to go. Boruto also stated that he would have to go face to face with Code with all he has got in order to make this happen. Sarada when noticed the situation as when they both wouldn’t agree on even a single thing, she tries to stop them as she made them think that they were here for training.

Boruto: Naruto chapter 59


Boruto, who is the son of legendary Naruto Uzumaki follows in the footprints of his father as making a mark in this world and to stand out as the best Ninja anyone has ever seen. The journey of Boruto along with friends makes the journey more exciting and as challenging as it would be. Boruto is committed on becoming a great ninja and make his own mark out of the shadow of his father as will he be able to conquer his dreams and will he be worthy enough to stand out as a great ninja? There are a number of questions which stand in the life of Boruto.

Where To Read

If you want to cover this exciting journey of Boruto and his friends as they step ahead in their tough journey and what more would they have to fight with, you can head to Viz Media and Manga Plus as it is available to read there.

Boruto: Naruto chapter 59

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