Boruto Episode 249 Spoilers, Release Date and What to Expect?

Boruto Episode 249 Spoilers, Release Date and Preview

Boruto Next Generation is one of the most loved animes today. People have connected highly with this anime and it has its own legacy behind it. Every single episode is awaited by the fans highly. It has got immense love worldwide and now everyone wants to know about Boruto Episode 249. Here you will get to know about the next episode of Boruto, it’s the release date, its spoilers and what to expect and whatnot. You will get to know everything about the next episode in complete detail here.

So let’s begin now!

Boruto: Naruto’s Legacy!

Boruto: Next Generation is the following part which was made on public demand after people went crazy after Naruto worldwide. Released in 2017, Boruto has always lived up to the expectations till now. That’s why Boruto Episode 249 is so much-hyped. The audience expects better performance in every episode.

Boruto Episode 249: Release date

The release date set for the release of an upcoming episode of Boruto Next Generation is 15the May 2022. However, the timings may vary according to your country.

Here’s the time list by which episode will be released:

  • 2:00 AM according to Pacific Time
  • 4:00 AM according to Central Time
  • 5:00 AM according to Eastern Time
  • 10:00 AM according to BST British Time
  • 5:00 AM according to Eastern Time
  • 10:00 AM according to BST

So watch the next episode and enjoy the high thrills waiting for you.

Boruto Episode 249 Spoilers, Release Date and What to Expect?
Boruto Episode 249

Where to Watch the Next Episode?

Boruto Episode 249 will be available on various streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and Animelab. Viewers can stream it online from there.

What to expect from the next episode?

Boruto Next Generation Episode 249 titled “Another Fierce Battle” is going to full an action-packed episode. As the name suggests, it’s gonna be something really special.

After Kagura’s death in the previous episode, the attack on the village has led to ration shortening. So now this episode is going to be alike an episode of bringing the battle against the wrongs. Boruto and Kawaki are expected to come back strong with an immense action on the battlefield. It will be amazing to see how they avenge the death of Kagura by making sure villagers don’t lose more lives.

Recap of Boruto Episode 248 :

Episode 248 named ‘Another Fierce Battle’ completely justified its name. It witnessed Denki and Awabe battling against Funamushi and his squad. During the battle and saving villagers, Denki and Awabe got captured. Funamushi is full of anger to avenge Seiren and battles with Boruto in a Fierce battle.

Boruto Episode 249 Spoilers, Release Date and Preview

What to expect in the Next Episode?

The next episode will be a continuation of the battles going on . It will add one more chapter to the rivalry between Funamushi and Boruto. However, we may witness Boruto getting behind but in the end, things will go in his favour. Boruto Episode 249 is awaited now highly and will be a must-watch. Also, it may contain some surprises for the audience. So let’s hope for a thrilling next episode from one of the highest loved anime of this time.

The whole episode was full of action and thrill, and now we can expect some level of performance in the next Boruto Episode 249.

So this was all about Boruto Episode 249. Let’s hope this episode does it work well and gives the audience a perfect worthy watch.

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