Boruto Chapter 70: Spoilers, Raw Scans and Release Date Announced

Boruto Chapter 70: Spoilers, Raw Scans and Release Date Announced

Boruto which is one of the most loved manga series is ready with its Chapter 70 to be released soon. Get everything about the Boruto Chapter 70 here in complete detail. The manga has had 69 chapters now and is now ready to move towards chapter 70. The upcoming chapter is much awaited by the fans for many reasons.

The questions which remained unanswered in the previous chapter will have a huge impact on the forwarding the story. So let’s expect chapter 70 to be a turning point in the timeline of manga.

So now let’s not waste more time and get to know everything like, Release date, Raw Scans and Spoilers regarding Boruto Chapter 70.

Boruto Chapter 69: Recap

In the previous chapter of Boruto, we witnessed various important things that can change the course of anime a lot. In the previous episode, Code suddenly invaded the place with his breathtaking attack. Now it will be thrilling to see how they tackle this unimaginable condition of battle.

Secondly and most importantly, the game-changing moment between Eida and Shikamaru! Shikamaru who’s way very clever and smart has made things interesting by putting forward a deal of settlement with Eida.

  • Now, what will Eida do?
  • Will he be ready for negotiation with his so long rival?
  • Will Boruto and the company be able to tackle Code or not?

All these questions will be answered in Boruto Chapter 70.

Boruto Chapter 70: Release Date

Boruto Chapter 70 is highly anticipated now and is going to be released on around 15 May ( Japanese Version). But the English version will soon be available by May 19 2022. Boruto Chapter 70 will be full of twists as the story can go in all possible directions now.

Boruto Chapter 70: Spoilers, Raw Scans and Release Date Announced

Where to Read?

Well these are the top sites you must not miss if you want to read the manga as soon as possible:

Boruto Chapter 70 will be made available as soon as its translated versions are ready.

Boruto Chapter 70: Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers are not sure as of now. There is no official reveal or statements regarding them. The production house is very possessive about the next chapter, as it’s gonna be a deciding one.

Moreover talking about the Anime, anime is still running on Chapter 55 only, so there are many gaps left. Therefore we all have to wait and see what twists and turns await in the next chapter.

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