Bolsonaro meets with Putin in "friends’ room"

Putin during his meeting with Bolsonaro. Video: Reuters

The Russian president demonstrates “closeness” in his meetings with Bolsonaro and Fernandez from Argentina

Bolsonaro has arrived on an official trip to Russia and his interview with President Vladimir Putin she couldn’t have been friendlier. The President of Brazil, as happened a few weeks ago with the President of Argentina, had the “honor” of being received in the “chimney room.” Shapes do matter.
Putin, who has been months tintensifying world geopolitical relations by threatening an invasion of Ukraine also use the politics of gestures to demonstrate “Who are friends and who are not?” With Bolsonaro, as happened with Fernandez, there is no mediation of the famous infinite Valencian table in which Putin distances himself from Macron, Scholz or the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov himself.
No, with the “friendly” countries with which trade relations and, lately, also health relations prevail – both bought Russian vaccines not accepted by the European Medicines Agency, nor by the US FDA, they have a much closer and more welcoming relationship . Even the way of greeting and receiving the leaders has nothing to do with it. With some he plays war and with others economic and financial matters prevail.

Bolsonaro has been invited by Putin to hold a bilateral meeting. The Brazilian president explained before leaving for Moscow that Russia “is a strategic country” for Brazilian interests, since “Brazil depends on Russian fertilizers,” as reported by SBT News.
“I have been invited by President Putin. Brazil depends heavily on fertilizers from Russia and Belarus. TWe will also bring a group of ministers to deal with other matters that are of interest to our country”, detailed the president, which has ensured that energy and defense issues will also be addressed.

On his way to Russia, Bolsonaro also makes a stopover in Europe where he will meet with the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock and tomorrow, Thursday, will do so with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán.

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