Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17 will be released soon and in this article, we will tell you all about the show – the release date of Episode 17, What to Expect, and also Where can you watch the anime. Be sure to read the complete article so you won’t miss anything.

Recap Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16

Before moving further with the release date of Blue reflection ray Episode 17 let’s have a quick recap.

In the previous Episode, Miyako describes Tsukimiya Girl High School Student Doms Map to girls. They throw a welcoming party for Amiru. Ruka plans with Ryoka to Protect Amiru from any evil. Ryoka and Amiru are glad that is coming along well. Ryoka decides to go out together with Ruka to which she agrees. She promised Amiru to stay with her forever. But Amiru fears that Ryoka will be dating someone and she would have to live alone for most of the time. Later Ryoka tells her she would be there all the time which made Amiru happy and she decides to do the same. In the middle of the night, Ryoka spots Mio and asks her why is she here. Mio states that she wants her sadness.

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The girls discuss about Common in the morning. They found that Lime and Yuzuki Shijou is in the Common. According to Miyoka they might know one thing or two about returning someone’s feelings. Saving Momo became their priority if they wanted her help in the battle when Common gate opens. Miyako tells everyone that the guardians of the Common are none other than Lime and Yuzuki. In the battle with another reflector the girls came to know about the girl living in World of Lies. The girls are defeated and Amiru is taken. The story unravels in Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17 What to Expect

The girls might find it hard to save Amiru. Momo is still in hospital suffering blows from the previous fight. Without her and Amiru gone the girls have to plan something and quickly as they are running out of time. In Blue Reflection Ray E 17 Momo can return.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17 Release Date

Episode 17 is scheduled to be released on 7th August 2021. Any kind of delay hasn’t been announced yet but if the show gets delayed we will inform you with our Update article. This Episode will be Released at 2:30 AM JST. There will be variations in release time due to different time zones.

Where To Watch

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17 can be streamed on Funimation with original Japanese audio and English subtitles. You can also watch this episode of Animelab and Aniplus upon airing.

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