Black Adam Official Teaser is Out, Black Adam vs Superman?

Black Adam Official Teaser is Out, Black Adam vs Superman?

Johnson rose from the stage floor in full Black Adam garb to make a dramatic entrance into Hall H of the San Diego Comic-Con. As he came out, smoke billowed out on the floor and lightning strikes showed on the screen behind him. Before the panel, attendees received lightning bolt lanyards, which were brilliantly lighted up in the dimly lit room for a spectacular spectacle.

As part of the Warner Bros. event, the movie actor also debuted the most recent trailer for his forthcoming superhero adventure.

While Black Adam may not be as well known to comic book newcomers, his main adversary should be thanks to the 2019 smash hit movie “Shazam!” starring Zachary Levi. Shazam, the wizard, bestows magical abilities on Black Adam, making him akin to the Shazam figure. Black Adam, however, obtains his powers from the Egyptian gods as opposed to Shazam (Shazam traditionally calls upon the Greek gods).


Nearly 5,000 years after receiving the abilities of the Egyptian gods, the antihero will be followed in the new film. Black Adam is prepared to wreak his brand of justice on the contemporary world after emerging from his grave.

Black Adam Teaser Official:

Superman in the Black Adam movie.

Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly does not want Henry Cavill to play Superman in the DC Extended Universe. But Henry Cavill as Superman is what people desire. Fans have been wondering about Black Adam vs. Superman ever since Dwayne Johnson first announced the Black Adam movies. because Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson are close friends. However, it was said a few months ago that Superman does not appear in the Black Adam film. However, the movie was delayed, and the studio chose not to disclose why. A website is now asserting that the massive reshoots are to blame for the film’s delay. A post-credits scene was to be added during the retakes.

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Q. When Black Adam be released on HBO Max?

Ans. Black Adam will hit theaters on 21st October 2022. It will release on HBO Max after a month or two.

Q. Does Adam and Eve have Black Friday Sales?

Ans. Yes, Adam and Eve have black Friday sales. It offers discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off.

Q. When was the rock cast for black Adam?

Ans. Black Adam is the much-awaited project of the Rock. He was cast on September 3, 2014, that is 8 years back.

Q. How Much is the rock getting paid for Black Adam?

Ans. The Rock is getting 20 Million dollars for playing Black Adam.

Q. Is Black Adam going to be animated or Live-action?

Ans. Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson is going to be a live-action movie. This will be the first live-action appearance of the Black Adam.

Q. Is rock directing Black Adam?

Ans. No, The Rock is not directing the Black Adam. It is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

Q. Who is the rock’s stunt double in Black Adam?

Ans. The Rock’s stunt double in Black Adam is Philip Niu.

Black Adam Official Teaser is Out, Black Adam vs Superman?


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