“Big Mouth” with Lee Jong Suk Announces July Premiere

«Big Mouth” either “Big Mouse«, confirms now yes, that it will be broadcast through MBC, but in July, and not June, as initially intended. This will happen at the end of the next drama of So Ji Sub «Dr Lawyer«. In short, he changed from tVN to Disney, then to MBC and made us wait for its premiere, running until next July, if there are no more changes. «Big Mouth» is a hard-boiled black drama about a third-rate lawyer who ends up in charge of a murder case that turns him overnight into a genius con man known as «Big Mouse«. In order to survive and protect the family from him, she must expose a grand conspiracy among the privileged upper classes. The drama confirmed its cast in November 2021, Lee Jong Suk will play Park Chang Ho and YoonA She will play Go Mi Ho, wife of Park Chang Ho and a nurse by profession.

Lee Jong Suk in poster for “Romance is a Bonus Book” The synopsis is: “Big Mouth» is: A story that follows the strange things that happen when a third-rate lawyer casually takes charge of a murder case and seeks to reveal the hidden truth. It is a record of the battles faced by a lower-middle-class lawyer who must become more evil than the villains to protect himself and his family and punish the bad guys in a world full of conspiracies and greed for power and money. Park Chang Ho, a lawyer who was never successful to begin with and eventually ends up reaching a winning percentage of only 10%, is called a loudmouth by those around him for speaking grandly but showing no substance. He is in such a bad way that he cannot pay the monthly rent for his office or pay his office manager, who is also his father-in-law, on time. Go Mi Ho, who is Park Chang Ho’s wife and the person who urged him to become a lawyer, was elegant and reserved during her college days, but now she has become extremely bold and foul-mouthed.

YoonA in the movie “Exit” where she worked with Jo Jung Suk The writers of “Vagabond» Jang Young Chul Y Jung Kyung-soon are in charge of the script and the PD oh choong hwan, from “Hotel del Luna”, will take over the management. There will be 16 episodes and the genres are Thriller, mystery, drama, legal. I would like to know the complete gossip, why did you have so many problems to get this production to the screens? It is not only the return of Lee Jong Suk to dramaland, but YoonA It is very popular and praised for its beauty in Korea!!

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