Biden announces another 800 million dollars for Ukraine and closes US ports to Russian ships

The White House once again clarifies Biden's words about the possible "genocide" committed by RussiaJoe Biden, President of the United States EUROPA PRESS No ship flying the Russian flag, chartered or rented by a Russian company, will be able to dock in United States ports, the president has announced Joe Biden in an appearance from the Roosevelt Room of the White House this Thursday. The President of the United States has described this decision as “another critical step” given together with its allies in Canada and Europe. The goal is “to deny Russia the benefits of the international economic system that it enjoyed so much in the past.” Along with this veto, Biden has announced another line of aid valued at 800 million dollars (735 million euros) – the same amount as the heavy weapons package launched last week – to “further increase Ukraine’s ability to fight in the east, in the Donbas region,” said the president. The new shipment would include heavy artillery and drones, along with ammunition. With this new batch of aid, the country will have already committed €3.4 billion to support Ukraine’s defense (more than 3,127 million euros). The US president has stressed that Russia has “refocused” his campaign to seize more of the eastern part of the country, which makes the flow of military aid from the West “essential”. The Biden administration is also announcing a new program called “United for Ukraine” which will provide a simplified process for Ukrainian refugees who looking to travel to the US. The move is part of Biden’s commitment to accept up to 100,000 people fleeing the war in Ukraine and is designed so that Ukrainians interested in going to the US can get there faster. Regarding the war situation, Biden has assured that “we are in a critical window of time in which they are going to set the stage for the next phase of this war,” adding that “it is not clear” that Russia has full control of the city of Mariupol.

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