Belén Esteban supports Raquel Bollo in her debut as a flamenco dress designer

"It makes me laugh that they say that Anabel Pantoja is not a relative …" Belén Esteban said of her friend, after her marriage breakup

Seville is these days a hive of famous people. The International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF) was inaugurated with great success on Friday and today is the day of Raquel Bollo's debut as a flamenco dress designer . And two of her best friends have traveled to Seville, Belén Esteban and Anabel Pantoja , who have wanted to support Raquel Bollo on this important day for her.

Upon her arrival at SIMOF, Belén Esteban spoke to 'Socialité'. Just shortly before they had issued the testimony about the real reason why Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez would have broken their marriage . According to that testimony, Omar wanted to have children, because he is a very familiar man, and Anabel did not want to have them, at least for the moment, and that was the main cause of their continuous arguments. María Patiño asked Belén Esteban about this question. “I am not a spokesperson for them, but Anabel was very generous when she spoke about her feelings . I have listened to the people who have spoken and I am dying of laughter when they say that Anabel is not a relative … Of course, I do not know anything about that, ”said Belén.

Bethlehem Esteban

Belén Esteban, from Seville, spoke live with María Patiño.


María Patiño was also interested in the possible meeting with Olga Moreno, whom she defended tooth and nail until, after knowing the reality of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores, Belén stopped supporting the second wife of the former civil guard. “If I tell you the truth, I don't know if I'm going to see it. Now I'm going to see Raquel, but I don't have any problem with Olga and she shouldn't have a problem with me either . I am educated and if I have to greet her, I will, but there is no commitment either, “he commented.

Irene Rosales is also expected to attend the Raquel Bollo parade. “I just found out that Irene will be there,” Belén said. “I haven't seen anyone yet. If I'm going to parade? No, but if they had proposed it to me, I would have done it . I have come to support Raquel and I am looking forward to seeing the parade”, he concluded.

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