Bakuten Episode 12: Everything You Need To KNow

Bakuten episode 12 release date

Bakuten episode 12 is all set to release on the 24th of June and the time would vary depending on different geographical locations. The fans are all in for a treat as the excitement is gathering around with all the hottest discussions over what would happen in this new episode to come.

Bakuten episode 12 spoilers!!

As according to many reports and sources, the upcoming episode 12 will reveal the score that shall take place of the Northeast Japan Sports Tournament. Talking about how good performance Ao Highs gave made an impact on the scoresheet and it is favourite to win against Shiro High’s score.

Bakuten episode 12

Even if the performance would not make them win this, it is surely to be said that they might qualify for the Inter-High with a hope that shall make their mark there.

Previously in Episode 11

Previously in episode 11, it was portrayed how Futaba suffering from all the problems because of his hand injury and how much of a potential he has lost in this moment as everyone is unaware to how much time shall he take in order to recover. As a duty of the captain, Sichigahama making up the decision of taking Futaba to the clinic as the doctor consultation would be a big mean for them and all that he would only play if he could get doctor’s approval to it. Going along the scene, Misato showing up at the moment just to accompany Futaba to the doctor and then the doctor prescribes Futaba that he should take atleast 2 weeks of break and that if he otherwise continues to play with his will at this moment, it could be really risky for him and he might never be able to play again. Everyone has this one concern that if he tries to perform in his current state of condition, then he might risk injuring his hand badly.

Bakuten episode 12

Where to watch

If you want to cover more in the story of Bakuten, then you can head to Crunchyroll as it available to watch there.


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