Attack on a bus of evacuated civilians leaves 7 dead and 27 injured in Borova

At least seven people have died and 27 have been injured as a result of an attack perpetrated against civilian evacuation buses In the town of Borova, in the Kharkov region, that authorities have attributed to Russian forces. As reported by the Kharkov regional prosecutor’s office, the attack took place on Thursday. According to local residents, the bus drivers, seeing the Russian troops, stopped so that people could get out of the vehicles. “with their hands up”, but they fired at them.
The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has already launched an investigation to clarify whether what happened constitutes a violation of the laws of war and premeditated murder, under the Ukrainian Criminal Code. The Ukrainian authorities urged the residents of Borova on April 4 to leave the city by your own means or by bus enabled for this purpose. Since then, half of the town’s residents, 15,000 in all, have left. On Thursday morning, Russian troops entered a town near Borova and, in the evening, the Ukrainian authorities confirmed that they had also gained access to this town. The town was blocked, according to the Ukrainian press.

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