Atom: The Beginning will be on hiatus until fall

Atom: The Beginning will be on hiatus until fall

Ruisu 02/28/2022 Last Friday the chapter 100 from Atom: The Beginning in the magazine Comiplexwith which the current arc of the Tetsuro Kasahara series ends and with which will pause until the next fall 2022. The return of the work will do so with the beginning of the new arc of «Tobio».

Tetsuro Kasahara (Fullmetal Panic! 0) is the author of publishing this sequel manga to Osamu Tezuka’s classic Astro Boy. The work began to be published in December 2014 in the pages of the magazine Monthly Hero’sbeing transferred in November 2020 to the magazine Comiplex of the publisher Hero’s Inc. The work continues to be published, accumulating to date 16 volumes compilations in Japan. Own makoto tezukason of master Tezuka, is in charge of supervising the work while Masami Yūki is credited as the author of the conceptual work. The work inspired a animation series from 12 episodes aired on Japanese television between April and June 2017. Here is the story of the birth of the eternal hero Atom (Astroboy), created by teachers Tenma and Ochanomizu in their youth, at a time when they devoted themselves body and soul to robotics research. As a result of their efforts, A106 is born, a powerful robot that may well be a friend or a new god among men…

Both the manga and the anime Atom: The Beginning They have arrived in Spain. The manga is being published in our country by Milky Way Ediciones, of which the first 10 volumes have already been published. Meanwhile, the anime has been released on Home Video on both DVD and Blu-ray Disc by Selecta Vision. Source: ANN

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