The Real Truth About Ashley Judd’s Face: Why Is Her Face Swollen. Know Accident Details

Divergent Actress—  Ashley Judd has been under media scrutiny for the most personal matters. This time, upon seeing Ashley Judd’s  face, their eyes were out on stalks as it looked different. This made fans wonder whether the car accident that happened in Congo is the reason behind it.

Read the article to get full information about the actress’s face, what she went through, and her mother’s unfortunate demise which diverted our attention toward the ills of mental health disease.

What Happened to Ashley Judd’s Face?

Ashley Judd is a talented American actress and an active political activist in the present times. She has contributed to various socio-political causes advocating gender equality. During her visit to Congo in the year 2021, she met with an unfortunate accident and bruised her leg. Things escalated to the point where she was on the brink of losing her leg permanently. Due to this mishappen, she was given a lot of medicinal drugs for recovery, one of which was prednisone. The consumption of the drug made her face look swollen and puffy. 

She suffered grave injuries on her leg and face. Judd informed her fans about this accident through an Instagram interactive on live when she was still under medical observation. On a side note, she was in Congo to examine the population of the endangered bonobo monkey species. 

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Did Ashley Judd Undergo A Surgery?

Ashley Judd's face

Under Medical observation, Ashley was advised to undergo an 8-hour-surgery to repair her fractured and broken bones in 4 places. It was also required to unwind the hemorrhaging nerve. For this, she expressed gratitude to the medical staff on the African continent who assisted her to take care of the injury.

As stated before, she destroyed 4 bones in her leg and had a severe damage to the nerves which had repercussions on her face. Ashley Judd’s face is now doing better than before and appears fine. 

Moreover, the 54-year-old actress expressed discontent over the media reporting indicating cosmetic surgery as a reason behind her swollen face. Ashley clapped back to those absurd assumptions made by netizens. Apparently, the real reason behind Ashley Judd’s face is the Botox injections — the actress took for migraine relief. 

Daughter of Naomi Judd

Ashley Judd's face

It is well-known fact that Ashley Judd is the daughter of the Country Music Legend singer and five-time Grammy Award winner- Naomi Judd. The 76-year-old singer died this year in April owning to mental health. Ashley opened up about the demise of her mother and shared details that were uncomfortable to share. Naomi used a firearm to commit suicide. 

The daughter advised people suffering from the wrath of mental health disease to reach out to Suicide prevention organizations. 

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