Ariana Grande Is Releasing A New Perfume, This One Named After ‘God Is A Woman’

It’s true! Following quite a while of theory, Ariana Grande affirmed that she is dispatching another Perfume, God Is a Woman. 

The 27-year-old pop star took to Instagram on Monday, June 14, to share a bother of what she’s been dealing with. “Coming soon @ultabeauty,” she subtitled her post, sharing a short video of a mathematical molded white fragrance bottle. The going with text shows that the aroma is called God Is a Women. 

Ariana Grande Isn’t An Astonishment In The Beauty Line 

The 27-year-old has recently delivered six aromas—’Cloud’, ‘R.EM.’ and the eponymous ‘Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum’— which are accounted for to have made the vocalist more than $150 million of every 2017 alone. Ariana Grande Is Releasing A New Perfume, This One Named After ‘God Is A Woman'Only one glance at Grande’s music video from 2018—which might have started the motivation—the artist can be found in a bath with what resembles a purple shower bomb. Polish off that daily schedule with a scrumptious smelling aroma and Grande may very well be onto something.


What’s God Is A Woman All About 

Subtleties around the scent are to be resolved, however the symbolism around the container, which is full of blossoms. It further demonstrates that the aroma will probably have a flower base with expected notes of lily or lavender. This is quick to dispatch under the umbrella brand God Is a Woman.

Accordingly, it’s nothing unexpected that the star’s fan base had a remarkable freakout, taking to the remarks area in no time. Fans went off the deep end.

Ariana Grande Is Releasing A New Perfume, This One Named After ‘God Is A Woman'Fans Are Going Crazy And Wait Is Harder

Others promised to purchase Grande’s first drop, however, whatever else that stems from her God Is a Women line. “On the off chance that YOU LAUNCH ANY MORE PRODUCTS IMMA LEGIT NEED TO BUY IT ALL,” an adherent said Further.


The Superstar On New Grounds 

The buzz around Grande’s large break into the excellence business began recently. Moreover, when she documented a brand name under the name “God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande” in April.

Ariana Grande Is Releasing A New Perfume, This One Named After ‘God Is A Woman'

Dalton Gomez is the man the star has married in May 2021.  However, She would keep open to all the areas related to the beauty line.

Ariana Grande Confirms Secret Wedding to Dalton Gomez With Pics. The “7 Rings” vocalist is a long way from the main VIP to extend their excellence realm lately.

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