Apple’s iPhone 13 – Is It Worth The Purchase? Find out NOW!


It’s a bit more expensive than last year’s superb iPhone 12, despite its better camera, storage capabilities, and battery life.


iPhone 13 costs £20 more than its tiny counterpart, which is why it is available for £779 ($799 or A$1,349).

There are no major changes to the phone’s design. As with last year’s model, it has flat aluminum sides and reinforced glass front and back. It is only when you compare them side by side that you can really tell the difference in thickness.

For the first time, this year’s model has a brighter, more vivid display than the previous year’s version. There is a noticeable difference in screen refresh rate between this time’s iPhone 13 Pro models with 120Hz panels and the majority of its Android counterparts.


Apple’s A15 Bionic CPU and the iPhone 13’s 128GB of internal storage give it a little performance edge over the iPhone 12’s A14 chip from last year. It’s up there along with the greatest in terms of speed.

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Specifications Of iPhone 13

  • Screen: 6.1in Super Retina XDR (OLED) (460ppi)
  • Processor: Apple A15 Bionic
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128, 256 or 512GB
  • Operating system: iOS 15
  • Camera: dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 12MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: 5G, wifi 6, NFC, Bluetooth 5, Lightning, ultra-wideband and location
  • Water resistance: IP68 (6 meters for 30 mins)
  • Dimensions: 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.7mm
  • Weight: 174g

How Does iPhone13 Fulfil Latest Digi-Needs?

The battery life is excellent

On-the-go usage shows no sign of battery degradation. 46 hours consecutive charges are longer than most comparable-sized rivals and last year’s version and incorporate 90 minutes of 5G surfing. Even if you’re careful, the device should be capable to last for 3 days if you’re constantly charging it.

Absolute longevity

A £69 battery upgrade is available for the iPhone 13, which is projected to last only a year out of the box. Similar gadgets’ batteries lose approximately 80% of their capacity after 500 full battery cycles. If the smartphone’s screen breaks after the guarantee period have expired, it will cost £266.44 to have it replaced. Apple’s iPhone 12 had a repairability rating of 6/10 on the iFixit website.


The iPhone 13’s many parts, including its main deck and the power-saving component, which uses 100 percent recycled tin solder, all use recycled rare earth materials, 99 percent recyclable tungsten, and 35 percent recycled plastic. The phone’s impact on the environment is examined in the company’s study.


Apple also accepts non-Apple products for free trade-in or recycling.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Official Website

Apple’s iOS 15 operating system

The iPhone 13 comes with iOS 15 preloaded, and it has been available on all Apple devices since the iPhone 6S.


Just a few of the new features include Siri’s local voice assistant, improved reminders and “focus modes,” an improved Safari website interface, and FaceTime video calls across Apple and non-Apple devices.


Apple’s iPhones have had free software updates for the longest time. If you buy a new phone, you can anticipate at least five years of software and security updates to keep it safe and secure.

Exceptional photographic characteristic

In addition to a 12-megapixel main lens and an extremely wide-angle camera, there is no optical zoom on the rear.


For the 2018 model year, the primary camera has been redesigned to be larger and clearer than in prior years. In spite of the fact that the light is harsh, images shot in good lighting are sharp and well-balanced. The night sight mode is no longer required for night photography, resulting in sharper and more balanced images. When used indoors, the outdoor advertising is a bit sharper and performs better in low light.


You may now customize the contrast, sharpness, and tone of your still photos using new “photographic styles.” The number of options you have for customizing the appearance of an iPhone or iPad has increased dramatically in recent years.


The iPhone appears to be astronomical units ahead of the competition when it comes to video quality. As a new addition for this year, there’s a “cinematic mode” that mimics “rack focus,” wherein the phone’s focus is moved to a specific individual when they look directly into the lens, blurring the foreground and backdrop simultaneously. My plans do not include filmmaking with this gadget. It’s wonderful for testing.


In comparison to previous iPhones, the 12MP front-facing camera is showing its age. Bright light produces crisp and detailed images; but, in low-light settings like a bar or tavern, the camera has difficulty, producing soft and blurry images that are more difficult to focus.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Official Website

Our Take On iPhone 13

According to our findings, the sound quality has surpassed other aspects because of the quality of the call duration. When switching from an iPhone123 to this model, we don’t recommend using the same cover. Side buttons and their sizes differ noticeably.

The Pricing Plan

When it comes to storage capacity, the iPhone 13 starts at £779 ($799/A$1,349) for 128GB, £879 ($899/A$1,519) for 256GB, and £1,079 ($1099/A$1,869) for 512GB.


OnePlus 9 costs £629, the iPhone 13 compact costs £679, the iPhone 13 Pro prices £949 whereas the Samsung Galaxy S21+ prices £949, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 costs £949, and the iPhone 13 micro costs £679, for comparison.

The Drawback

There is no USB-C port, so you’ll need to bring your own charger, there is no telephoto camera, the screen is slower than the competitors, and there is no 13 Pro.

The Bottom Line

Battery life is improved, as is the quality of the camera, which is a major upgrade over the characteristics of the iPhone 12.


Take into account the fact that you will be able to comfortably use it for a longer period of time than with any other phone thanks to Apple’s and over 5 years of updated software as well as reasonable and convenient replacement battery options.


There is no telescopic camera, and the interface is significantly slower than on competitors. If you already have a modern smartphone, it is not necessary to upgrade. For those who are considering a new phone but whose existing system is 4 years outdated, the iPhone 13 is indeed a fantastic alternative to consider as well.


Improved cameras, water resistance, Face ID, longer battery life, excellent performance, excellent screen with a reduced notch, sturdy and ergonomic design, 5G connectivity, extended software support are all advantages.

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